This country Consider your body as a temple, For this reason, they take care of their spiritual, emotional and, above all, physical balance. Both sexes take care of their appearance, but the woman not only takes care of the interior but also also the outside. The makeup INDIAN or Hindu is a tradition that used to emphasize the look. Highlighting the eyes that are marked with a pigment called khol, which is obtained from ground galena

Meet the best INDIAN makeup: 12 fashionable ideas to look like a true indigenous

Hindu culture is characterized for respecting their customs, and the ethnic look is one of the most important. It’s a design simple what gives beauty to women, because the complexion is left natural. In the lips are placed a skin color, pink or brown, so that they do not look so loaded

with red lips

Although the traditional thing is to place soft colors, he red brings elegance and sensuality, you will look very sexy. The variation of colors on the lips gives a different touch to Indian makeup

INDIAN Makeup 1

the bindi

with this ornament you will highlight the beauty of your face and you will shine beautiful and differentYou can also use it in any size. You also have different forms, such as pendants and flowers that accompanied with the traditional makeup you will look beautiful

INDIAN Makeup 2

Blue eyes

This is one of the many shadows that enhance your eyes and make them see more flashy. You can use it for important events, for sure You will attract a lot of attention with this beautiful look

INDIAN Makeup 3


Make-up INDIAN for brides

For every woman on the day they get married, they want to be beautiful and above all natural. This model is the perfect to be the best girlfriend cute, this design is used by India to show that they are being given in marriage

INDIAN Makeup 4

with pink lips

this lip color it will make you look simple and very attractive, Dare to try new tricks and you will not regret it. Although it is not common it is a color that gives an interesting touch to this beautiful makeup

INDIAN Makeup 5

without the tika

Following the Indian trend, but for a change, put on makeup like an Indian but without putting on that accessory. It will give you an interesting touch and above all very elegant, you can use it for any occasion

INDIAN Makeup 6

simple indian makeup

Without much color, it is another option to see yourself as an Indian, but much simpler and more natural. Showing more of your face, without artificial paint, ideal for shopping or for a walk

INDIAN Makeup 7

Orange eyeshadow and lips

Surprise everyone with this different style, that it will make you look very striking and unique, the color orange looks great on the brunettes, enhances your natural color

INDIAN Makeup 8

brown lips

It is a trend that in recent years it has become fashionable, it was previously considered boring. But combined with a good shade and blush of you will surely stand out and you will look beautiful

INDIAN Makeup 9

Bright Eyes

With the new shade of frosted shadows, you can achieve a Beautiful view and combined with a good lipstick it will be perfect. if you use new techniques but in the best way, it will give you a different touch

INDIAN Makeup 10

skin color lips

This style very flattering white women, enhances their size and accompanied by a beautiful eye color makes a makeup perfect

INDIAN Makeup 11

Gold eyeshadow

This new trend is widely used by Indian women, this Shadow color gives makeup a totally different look. Following the idea of look like a native, This is the best design you can use

INDIAN Makeup 12

Reasons to do your makeup INDIAN

Enhance the look

This design is for ideals show off your beautiful eyes , using bright colors you will have A different and very attractive view . You can use it for any event and vary the colors to your liking without forgetting that you should look natural and simple.

Gives a feminine style

Wearing this makeup will make you look captivating and show your sensuality It is ideal for a wedding. Have a face without imperfections and place small ornaments between the eyebrows like the link symbolize wisdom and intuition.

Increases self-esteem

Thanks to the makeup is perfect for many people These designs are ideal to have high self-esteem and feel happy.



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