Children are the ones who enjoy costume parties the most, whether for a friend’s birthday, for Halloween or by Carnival, they are always ready to dress up and make up just to play and we as their parents, older brothers or aunts must take care of expressing all our creativity to make excellent children’s makeup.

Therefore, we have prepared 20 incredible designs of child makeup that we assure you that you will love and inspire you to the fullest. These ideas range from the simplest to achieve to some a little more elaborate, choose the one with which your little one will feel much more comfortable.

Amazing children’s makeup designs for Halloween or Carnival

1-. A kitten

Kitten children's makeup

This is a very original make-up, even though it is for cats, take a look at how it is done, it is not difficult, but you must have a much looser brush handling.

2-. spider girl

spider children's makeup

Who says girls can’t be superheroes? here we see this spider-girl with a very special touch. An excellent idea is to combine this children’s makeup with an outfit of the same shades and add some fake spiders.

3-. Doll

Child doll makeup

We always see dolls in costumes for girls, but we must bear in mind that there is a wide variety and our little girl will be able to stand out from the other dolls.

4-. Skull

child skull child makeup

When it comes to children, it can be a bit more complicated to dress them up and make up, but a great idea is to make it a skull, it’s fun and masculine.

5-. little vamp

Vampire girl child makeup

Children’s makeup should not be gloomy, but adorable, look at this vampire makeup, it is sweet and cute, just like the girl who is wearing it.

6-. Butterfly

Child butterfly girl makeup

For something much more natural, the butterfly makeup It is ideal, also very cute and delicate. You must bear in mind that since makeup is very close to the eye area, they must be suitable, anti-allergenic and as natural products as possible.

7-. Vamp

Vampire children's makeup

There are girls who opt for a more mature makeup, that’s not bad as long as it doesn’t show an age that it doesn’t have. If your little one wants a vampire makeup This is ideal, it will also look very pretty.

8-. Pumpkin

Kid pumpkin makeup

Another great idea for a child’s makeup is to do pumpkin makeup, you can do it all over the face or just in one area, like a mask. For the outfit you can put a pumpkin costume, but you can also dress it completely in black and get a funny hat.

9-. Unicorn

Unicorn Girl Makeup

Many girls want to dress up as their favorite mythological creature and par excellence is the Unicorn. This is a costume with a fantasy make up very adorable and magical.

10-. Katrina

Katrina's children's makeup

There is a children’s makeup that is very fashionable and it is that of Katrina, it is a perfect makeup for Halloween and that there is nothing gloomy about it.

We leave you a tutorial so you can see how this makeup is achieved:

eleven-. skeletons

Kids skull makeup

If you have twins or two little brothers who want to dress the same, one of the ideal costumes for them is the skeleton one, yes, make sure you have the skeleton costume Matching with makeup will give you a great touch.

12-. little deer

deer child make-up

One of our favorite makeup for girls is the deer, they give them a angelic touch and it is very easy to achieve, you will only need a little creativity and colored shadows.

13-. Werewolf

Werewolf kids makeup

Werewolf makeup is one of the favorites of children, it is fun, easy to achieve, but above all masculine. If you wish to do so, we advise you to use dark shade foundation to avoid any allergies to paints.

14-. Fox

fox children's makeup

Just like the deer makeup, the fox makeup is very cute and sweet. It is also very easy to achieve, what you need is a makeup base in dark tones, a lighter base and black eyeliner.

fifteen-. Pirate

Pirate makeup for children

Believe it or not, you can pull off a pirate costume without spending too much money on a costume. Look at this child’s makeup. very easy to achieve with a black eyeliner.

16-. little dracula

dracula makeup for kids

This is certainly one of our favorite for kidsIt’s adorable and terrifying at the same time. Ideal for going out to ask for candy on Halloween night.

17-. sea ​​creatures

Makeup for children sea creatures

If you are good at makeup, this is a must try on your little one. It is one of the most complicated that we will show you today, but at the same time one of the most impressive.

18-. Peacock

Girls peacock makeup

If you want something that draws a lot of attention, this is the makeup for you. For this makeup you will need the right shades and accessories, but we assure you that your little girl will be the one who attracts the most attention.

19-. Scarecrow

Children's scarecrow makeup

Without a doubt, one of the best costumes on the list. It’s funny, cuddly and suitable for a boy or a girl. This is a very versatile children’s makeup, you can use it for girls or boys, without problems.

twenty-. little witch

Witch makeup for girls

Of course, we could not close this post without talking about the witches makeup, it’s a unfailing classic.


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