It is well known that makeups of all kinds and for any part of the face and body are made up of multiple components, which in 90% of the time, when buying, we do not ask ourselves what they are made of or if we can affect the skin.

many of those makeup ingredients or its composition can cause skin conditions or harm your skin if you have any problem of allergies or dermatitis.


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To solve this problem the cosmetic industry has studied for a long time and put on the market different lines of products and HYPOALLERGENIC makeup.

What is Hypoallergenic Makeup?

He Hypoallergenic Makeup It is any cosmetic that does not have in its composition irritating substances or that cause negative effects on the skin, and do not cause allergic reaction after use.

hypoallergenic baseIf you love putting on makeup and you have skin problems or don’t want to risk seeing your skin hurt or inflamed by using makeup, don’t be discouraged! We are going to show you the 5 most recommended hypoallergenic makeup brands.

la roche posay

Among the brands most recommended by dermatologists it’s found la roche posay which is the hypoallergenic dermatological line of The real , prestigious and recognized worldwide for its products for more than 40 years.

Her makeup line and hypoallergenic treatments They include the most varied range of products that you can find in all countries of the world.

From emollients for sensitive skin to mascaras for eyelashes.

la roche posay


This North American company founded in the 30’s, was the pioneer in making its nail polishes and lipsticks with natural pigments and not with synthetic dyes. This inserted her into the philosophy of eco-industry and skin care.

Given the demand for Revlon hypoallergenic products created its own line, thus turning it into a business unit dedicated to sensitive skin , outlining the development of ETHEREA hypoallergenic line.

revlon professional

hypoallergenic enamels


This cosmetics company subjects all its allergy testing products . They are 100% without perfume, since sometimes the components to give aroma to a product can lead to skin reactions.

clinical basis

It has a line ofHYPOALLARGENIC makeup for face, eyes, and hands, lips and nails. All of them tested and guaranteed hypoallergenic. None of these products is tested on animals, which guarantees their commitment to the environment.


Yes ok VICHY is a company dedicated to skin and body care treatments, based on hot springs, and is not dedicated to the development of makeup as a fundamental axis. We recommend the line Vichy Dermablend Although it is not very extensive, it is highly recommended, it includes masks, makeup funds, concealers in different presentations.

HYPOALLARGENIC vichy base makeup

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Line based on thermal water and special facial care. Their star products are make-up bases as far as hypoallergenic product is concerned.

hypoallergenic makeup1


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