The different makeup brands that exist can make it difficult for people who want to buy cosmetics to choose. The quality and affordability of the products are factors that are taken into account for the selection. Therefore, it is useful to analyze the makeup essence and the opinion of the users of those cosmetics.

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Characteristics of Essence makeup

The German make-up brand called Essence, also known as makeup essence, has positive characteristics worthy of analysis. Detailing all the positives that the Essence makeup lines offer is helpful to potential buyers. Without a doubt, the hard work that the developers of the brand have put in deserves to be recognized.

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The price is one of the factors that has a great influence on the choice of makeup cosmetics. A lot of people wonder if it is possible to find quality products that are affordable. Therefore, it is helpful to recognize and highlight the affordability of the prices that Essence creations have.

The products of the lines of the makeup essence They are cheaper compared to other brands. This is one of the most attractive characteristics that the brand has.


Despite its considerably lower prices, the brand Essence strives to provide beautiful, long-lasting finishes.. In fact, there are Essence products that promise to be long-lasting. Due to this positive feature of cosmetics, women do not have to carry out constant touch-ups.


Essence creations adapt to different skin types and complexions. This means that the products belonging to the brand are aimed at all people. Therefore, any woman can get what she needs at the cosmetic level with the help of Essence makeup.

Opinions about Essence makeup

People who have tried Esencia products in their daily lives can give their opinion. When classifying the opinions expressed, the evaluation of the quality of Essence cosmetics is facilitated. This classification can be made based on some of the most popular Esencia products.

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In this way, more women will be able to benefit from all that the splendid Essence makeup.

Fresh and Fit Awake

The base has a composition enriched with different vitamins to benefit the people who use it. The Users of this product can attest to their gorgeous aspect ratio and glowing. The skin of those who use this foundation with beneficial ingredients can look healthier.

All About Matt

A compact powder cannot be missing in any basic makeup kit. Therefore, it is positive that users of Essence powder are satisfied with its quality. The product fixes makeup to the face to give it a more natural and matte appearance. Due to this, the people who use it benefit from its effects at any time.

hi wow

The Essence makeup that is used on the eyes has a lot of influence on the message that the look transmits. The palette of the German brand makes its users have holographic finishes that can be intensified or brightened. Women who have used the product achieve a stunning and unique style easily and quickly.

get big

Essence mascara resists water, tears and sweat. Due to this, the women can count on voluminous lashes no matter the situation that they face Users comment positively on its excellence on any occasion and its harmless ingredients for the eyes.

Velvet Matte

The matte finish, the correct pigmentation and the sensation of a pleasant texture are characteristics of Esencia lipsticks. Women who have tried this cosmetic positively comment on its inability to dry out the lips. On the contrary, this lipstick makes that feature of the face look better.

Essence makeup prices

The Essence brand, or Esencia, has determined the affordable prices of its products. A base costs less than 5 euros, less than 6 dollars. In the same way, a compact powder has a price of less than 6 dollars, less than 5 euros. On the other hand, a mask for eyelashes is purchased for just over 2 euros, just over 2 dollars.

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The vast majority of Esencia prices are very affordable. Thus, no person should hesitate to try this brand.



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