He tumblr makeup It has several characteristics that stand out significantly. All these positive characteristics make many people want to imitate tumblr girls. For this reason, it is practical and entertaining to know tumblr-style makeup ideas that can be executed.

Meet the best tumblr makeup ideas that are in fashion

Tumblr-style makeup has managed to create a revolution in the way women dress up. Thanks to this kind of makeup, girls can look more beautiful and show greater self-confidence. Therefore, it is beneficial to detail various proposals for tumblr makeup.

cat eye

Black cat eyeliner is an outstanding feature of Tumblr makeup. that element It highlights the look in an incredible way and gives it an imposing touch. and powerful. Girls can complement a beautiful liner with voluminous lashes and glittery blended eyeshadow.

Tumblr Makeup 1

dramatic lashes

The eyelashes become a wonderful complement to achieve the prominence of the look. A lot of tumblr girls who want to achieve a more striking look use false eyelashes. Therefore, girls can opt for this type of eyelashes in case theirs are few or short.

Tumblr Makeup 2


Freckles were previously considered facial imperfections that needed to be covered. However, freckles are now part of various looks of tumblr makeup. For that reason, it is common for girls with freckles to show them off proudly. In fact, there are people who have drawn freckles on their face to imitate that style.

Tumblr Makeup 3

Gothic style

Women who prefer dark and intense colors can also achieve makeup with a tumblr essence. The lips should have a matte finish, dark shadows should blend with brighter colors to make them look better. On the other hand, the eyebrows are defined in the best way to increase the attractiveness of the face.

Tumblr Makeup 4

nude lips

Nude lips are very popular in the tumblr world. For that reason, girls who want to imitate the tumblr makeup they do well not to color their lips. This trick manages to give the face a more natural beauty with perfect lips.

Tumblr Makeup 5

shiny cheekbones

Glitter or frost adds an extra touch to makeup with essence of tumblr. The cheekbones and nose stand out in a special way when you add glitter or glitter. On the other hand, the eyes and lips can have similar tones to complement the brightness of the face.

Makeup Tumblr 6 1

highlighted look

Highlighting the look is a key part of the tumblr makeup Frequently, the look takes center stage in this type of style. Therefore, a proposal involves wearing eyes with different shades of purple while the lips have almost imperceptible pink.

Tumblr Makeup 7

night look

The tumblr style is also applicable to looks that are ideal for use at night. One of the proposals is show off long eyelashes, frosty tear ducts and blurred color shadows. On the other hand, the lips look good with a pale pink and slightly highlighted cheekbones.

Tumblr Makeup 8


Makeup can be used to give the impression of having a natural flawless face. That is one of the main goals that many women have when imitating tumblr girls. Definitely, it is beneficial that the face looks beautiful without any kind of excesses.

Tumblr Makeup 9

pink touch

Pink is a very feminine color that is incorporated into various tumblr makeup. The eyeshadow blends for a better visual effect. People who want to focus attention on their eyes should not overdo their lip color. In the same way, the cheekbones are only slightly highlighted with a light pink.

Tumblr Makeup 10

Reasons to use this makeup?

There are various reasons for women to try using tumblr makeup:

  • Tumblr-style makeup is a successful trend on many social networks.
  • The aforementioned proposals can be used for day to day achieving a beauty that appears to be completely natural.
  • Tumblr makeup can also be modified to be worn at fancy night events.
  • Girls who wear tumblr scented makeup can feel more self-confident.
  • Every woman can be able to be inspired by the tumblr style to make a fantastic makeup.




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