Have you ever heard about the NYX makeup? Are you a makeup professional? Will they be good? whatWhat do you think do you know them? If you do not know them, we will tell you what this brand of Professional make up.

What is NYX?

NYX is a high quality professional makeup and cosmetics brand at an affordable price, created by Toni Ko in the heart of The Angels, but today spread throughout the world.
Its name is in honor of the Greek goddess who ruled the night and symbolizes beauty and power.


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In addition to its high quality, it has a wide range of products and a fan of immeasurable pigments in their nail polishes and lipsticks. Its presentation is simple but very careful.

Not long ago, this professional makeup line was bought by the multinational The real.

Opinions about NYX makeup

  • The first opinions are in relation to the variety of colors that offers the NYX product menu, as positive, which is very wide and fun, but negative because you don’t know what to choose! Especially if you buy online… but it’s worth taking a risk!COLORS
  • HE price has varied since i bought it The real , it was a low cost makeup line, which, when it was incorporated into the large company, ceased to be.
  • NYX makeup is highlighted by consumers for the variety of primers of all colors, concealers of all colors (which is very difficult to find in many brands), and the shadows and nail polishes, not to mention!

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  • One negative aspect that female consumers resist is that stopped being an eco brand, since LÔreal does test the products on animals.


NYX 607 LIPSTICK : It is a nude tone that highlights your lip color.


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NYX SINGLE EYE SHADOWS : the flagship product of the brand. High pigmentation. Many colors.


NYX ANGEL BLUSH : Nude blush!? Yes… its natural skin-like color is totally innovative. No more red or shiny cheeks! It is matte and natural.


NYX LOOSE POWDER: They are translucent powders of a variety of shades. Very natural result.

nyX POWDERSBRONZING POWDER SHADE 05 NYX : It is an attractive set to use separately. It has an illuminator, 1 bronzer and 2 blushes.

nyx BRONZER Makeups NYX


BOHO CHIC NYX BLUSH: Although it has a range of colors, it has a lot of shine and oiliness in its composition.

nyx HIPPIE CHIC BLUSHNYX It has many more products in its makeup menu, which you have surely tried, and if so we await your comments so that we can know the experience of many women.

What is your opinion of this brand?

We also want to hear your opinion of nyx makeup, that’s why We invite you to leave your comment to tell your good or bad experiences with this brand.


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