He makeup for pampering It has been around for a long time, as many know, mimes are theater actors. They communicate and act through gestures with body movements that take you to the fancy, usually stand out for their blank faces, their eyes outlined in black and their lips in red. They also do not show any kind of emotion.

makeup for pampering

Features of makeup for pampering

The truth is that doing this type of makeup is very simple, there are 3 things that you should keep in mind when starting:

Cover the face with a brush

  1. The main feature of this theatrical makeup is the face painted white. You can find this type of paint in costume stores. We do not recommend using any type of paint as it can cause irritation.
  2. Eyes outlined in black, this is used to highlight the eyes or create different shapes in the eyebrows to give a perfect impression.
  3. Lips painted either in black or red.

8 Steps for mime makeup with which you will look great.

We always recommend as a first step.

makeup with tears

  • Clean and moisturize the face so wash it with a preferably neutral soap and apply a moisturizing cream to protect your skin.
  • Apply the white makeup of your choice to the entire face except for the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. To do this, use a makeup brush with which you will be able to cover the area completely, after this, with the help of a makeup sponge, seal and blur the lines.
  • The details in the eyes is to make them stand out, you can do it with a black eyeliner, make fine and detailed features.
  • You can paint the lips with a red lipstick for women and black for men.
  • With the same black eyebrow pencil you can make a very thin line around the entire white oval of the makeup to highlight your face more.
  • If you are a woman you can use false eyelashes to dramatize your look a bit, you will look great.
  • According to your taste, many mimes usually make a teardrop as part of the eye makeup, also a triangle or a cross, you can make a red blur around the eyes to give a great effect.
  • To remove makeup after the performance, use wet wipes and after that, water and neutral soap.

blurred makeup

The mime’s costume is very simple with a black and white horizontal striped shirt; black pants or skirt, with white gloves and a black beret you will have both makeup and the perfect costume remember that the makeup for pampering says it all along with body expression.

Ideas for a pampering makeup.

  • For this makeup, with the help of a brush, mark the shape of a heart on your face, then fill the heart with white paint. Mark your eyebrows with a black eyeliner (remember that they must be well marked and defined) add a little black shadow and draw a fine line on the eyelids, for the cheekbones you can use a little blush, the lips are painted in a color intense red. Finally, you can make a small heart on any side of your face, this will give it a great touch.Heart-shaped mime makeup
  • What do you think about making a surprised mime makeup, it’s very simple, you just have to completely cover your face in white; With the help of a black eyeliner, make your eyebrows in the shape of an arch much higher than your own eyebrows (this will give you a touch of surprise). With the same eyeliner, you can create the figures in the eyes as you can see in the image, either circles and lines. To finish with a black lipstick, paint your lips in the shape of a heart.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 2 11

  • If you want something much more modern this is the perfect makeup for you, start by covering your face in white, with the help of a black eyeliner make the shape of a diamond around each eye and then fill it in with the black color once ready look for black sequins and place them on the figure will give it a classic touch.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 3 13

  • Mime makeup for men is usually simple, cover the face with a white tone, outline the eyebrows and paint the lips in black; However, you can give a different touch by making a star in one of the eyes or some tears.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 4 9

  • For this makeup you need to make up your face in white, with the black eyeliner you can create the shape of the fallen tears as you can see in the image; shade the eyelids a little black to give a bit of depth and the lips with a heart-shaped shade of red.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 5

  • Looking for something much more expressive! What do you think of this… make up your face in white, with the black eyeliner proceed to make up your eyebrows and make the simple figures around your eyes and lips painted in black in half.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 6 1

  • In general, the mimes do not usually show any type of expression, but in this makeup we can see a sad one. To make it, make up your face in white and with the help of a black eyeliner, make eyebrows much higher than yours, outline your eyes and make some simple tears.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 7

  • Remember that for a makeup to look great, everything is in your creativity, what do you think of this using a shade of red to give a totally different touch to the others.

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great - 8


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