DIOR make-up It is one of the most wonderful lines of cosmetics, it is also highly recommended by the most outstanding professionals in the environment. This type of makeup brand It is made with excellent materials that will not only enhance your beauty but also protect your skin.

DIOR make-up

Today there are many women who buy DIOR makeup cosmetics and these not only provide luminosity but are also modern.

Catalog of prices and products that DIOR makeup offers you.

DIOR Makeup Kits

Dior Face Makeup.

  • Diorskin Forever & Vere Wear foundation: It is great for the treatment and foundation of makeup, perfecting the finish of your skin, providing a perfect and long-lasting correction.
  • Fix IT Color Lip and Eye Concealer: DIOR invents its first multifunctional concealer that acts very effectively on eye and lip imperfections. This concealer is available in four shades that will neutralize your complexion: Blue that acts on yellowish complexions. Apricot perfect for matte or tanned complexions. Ideal yellow to correct spots and blue circles under the eyes. Special green to cover anti redness.
  • Diorskin Forever Extreme Control High Perfection Compact: This compact gives an incredible delicacy to your skin as it mattifies and controls shine, you can use it in the morning.
  • The UNDERCOVER long-lasting concealer: This concealer is waterproof and is also perfect for skin with rosacea or acne problems. With the application of this concealer, you will obtain exemplary, completely matte skin for much longer.
  • Perfect Cushion Foundation: Long-lasting, high perfection and a luminous effect, it is perfect for touching up your skin at any time of the day.

DIOR brand foundation

Makeup and Lip products.

  • Rouge DIOR lipstick: This lipstick is ideal for outlining your lips with which you will obtain a perfect and homogeneous result. With this lipstick you can display an intense and amazing color on your lips.
  • Powdered lipstick: This lipstick reveals an ideal velvety finish, its fine tip provides a good application for a long-lasting result.
  • UNIVERSAL DIOR balm: This is the first balm that revives the natural color of your lips with which you will obtain the results according to the humidity of your lips and thus it will adapt to each type of skin and it will give it the right tone. With the use of this balm your lips will look bright and alive.

DIOR brand lipstick

Nail Products.

  • Diorefic Vernis: Exhibit perfect hands with your nails painted with intense colors, ultra-shine and optimal duration. In addition, they come in four spectacular colors: Ruby, an irresistible violet, a deep red, an emerald green and a dark plum. These tones will make your nails evoke the shine of precious stones while showing off beautiful healthy nails.
  • Diorefic vernis nail liner: This eyeliner is ideal for decorating your nails as if they were jewels, if you like to show a festive tone in the last days of the year, you just have to use your creativity and decorate your nails with this eyeliner and your nails will have an impact.

products for Eyes.

  • The DIORSHOW PUMPING VOLUME mascara: This mascara is ideal for showing off xxl eyelashes, the new dior mascara is perfect for all angles, with it you will get lashes with great volume, which allows you to achieve extreme volume from the first application.
  • Professional Backstage Mask: With this mascara you will wear eyelashes with an extension effect and you can buy it in the tone you want since you have 6 tones to choose from.


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