There are a large number of people who have skin greasy they want to hide. Many of these people use products from makeup to diminish the oily appearance of your skin. However, it is important to use well makeup for oily skin By Therefore, there are numerous tips to guide people in this regard.

Know the best tips makeup for oily skin

Oily skin causes people to present a unsightly appearance. Therefore, it is understandable that both men and women try to reduce skin fat. women who wear makeup frequently should prevent misapplication. That’s because the misuse of makeup comes to highlight skin fat.

There are councils of various kinds that govern the make-up for oily skin. These tips include skin preparation and the choice of a certain class of products. People with oily skin can benefit greatly from the knowledge and monitoring of these practices tips.


One of the most outstanding tips that must be followed before to applying makeup for oily skin is exfoliation. The exfoliation process is part of the correct preparation of the skin. By exfoliating their skin, people remove the various dead cells in order to obtain a smooth finish.


The exfoliation processes can produce dry skin. This dryness is commonly counteracted in a natural with fat That’s why, It is important that after exfoliation the skin is hydrated. That will make the people control the production of fat that occurs on their face.

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Use of primer

The use of the primer is essential when talking about the make-up for oily skin That product will make the makeup stay intact. The application of the pre-base should cover the areas in which has a higher amount of fat. Some of those greasy areas are the chin, nose and forehead.

The ideal primer It should be powdery, opaque, oil-free and light. The face must be dry and clean to be able to apply this effective product well.

Base use with matt finish or satin

The basis to be used in the makeup for oily skin has to possess special characteristics. The composition of that product should not contain oil. On the contrary, the recommendations indicate that the bases Fragrance-free minerals prevent pore clogging.

The basis has to be applied with a paintbrush or brush to improve the appearance of the face.

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Avoid excessive application of dust

A vital piece of advice when talking about makeup applied to skin greasy is the use of mineral powders. These powders They provide a better finish and help make-up stay. Of course, it is important to note that a light layer of this powder is the best option to avoid acne.

powdery textured blushes

Cream or liquid blushes are not the best options. That’s because these kinds of products increase the shine of the face. He makeup for oily skin you should use compact blushes or powder.

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compact eye shadows

The compact shadows for eyes they fight oil well that is generated by the skin of the face. Therefore, it is recommended to use this type of cosmetics when making up the skin. greasy.

Use of paper or blotting towels

The use of paper or blotting towels is essential to prevent the face from looking excessively bright. When using these papers, it is important to emphasize that it should not be rubbed. On the contrary, only it is necessary lightly press the dry washcloth over oily area.

In addition to that, is It is essential that, at the end of the day, make-up products be removed of the skin.

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Reasons to follow the advice of makeup for oily skin?

The following reasons explain why people should take into account the tricks highlighted above:

  1. Oily skin looks unsightly.
  2. The special one makeup for oily skin HE remains intact for a longer period of time.
  3. Following the tips mentioned previously is really simple.



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