He japanese makeup is trend in the world . Japanese women since time immemorial have devoted part of their daily lives to make up to seduce and highlight or correct defects. Over time, the types and techniques of makeup have been “updated”. Here I will show you 8Japanese Makeup Options.

Japanese Traits

As we all know the oriental women, Despite the fact that we Westerners are constantly confused between the different ethnic groups, they have different characteristics and facial features.

japanese makeup

The japanese women they have always been displeased with the features of his eyes and for this reason they have yearned and tried to resemble their eyes to the shape of the western eyes.

For this the japanese woman makeup base is try to enlarge the eyes, that they are not more ripped than Westerners, but have the larger eyelids and no folds. The distance between the edge of the eyelashes and the eyebrows is much greater than in Western eyes, and Japanese makeup is focused on correcting those differences.


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Another characteristic in the Japanese eyes is that the tear duct does not stand out as in the western eye.

Another characteristic to take into account is that the Japanese face is round in shape. And of course the straight and very dark hair, which gives hardness to the faces and that at all costs they try to mitigate with makeup.

Fundamental bases for a Japanese makeup

To achieve a quintessential japanese makeup and to achieve the effect that Japanese women always try to achieve, which is basically to enlarge the size of their eyes, you should take into account the following and at the same time we will show you the most extraordinary Japanese makeup.

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  • Outlining of the upper and lower eyelids

(below the water line) to give a wider effect to the eye.

japanese makeup

  • Place white illuminator in the water line

to give light and larger size to the eye place white highlighter in the water line of the lower eyelid. Technique used in the big eyes latest fashion.


  • Outline and blend a line in the middle of the eye

This will give a sensation of depth and simulate the crease that does not exist in the Japanese eye.

japanese makeup

  • Very clear makeup bases.

Tanning is not allowed in a japanese makeup.


  • Outline the lips and paint them red

Or if you use a gloss it should always have some color on the red range.


  • Use a very light blush.

Let it be just that, a blush that looks super natural.

japanese makeup

  • Shadows should be light and bright.

That will give the ocular eye volume characteristic of the Japanese woman.


  • The mascara should also be abundant and black.

Since this helps to give greater presence to the eye.

japanese makeup


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