We already know that the organic makeup is manufactured or elaborated in favor of the skin health and in line with the environmental Protection. But organic makeup is not the same as Natural makeup, and many times these concepts are confused.

organic makeup

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In the world of cosmetics there are very few brands that do organic makeup and we are going to recommend them in this post.

What is Organic Makeup?

Although, like natural makeup, the organic makeup, is also made withraw material of natural origin, such as vegetable extracts, fats, waxes and oils grown without additives, chemicals or syntheticsThey have a special feature and that is what you should know when buying.

The key

The key to organic makeup is that the whole process, from sowing to harvesting and the subsequent preparation of the ingredients, must comply with a specific regulation that certifies them as organic and according to controlled agricultural standards.

international agricultural organization

The International Agricultural Organization (OIA), the first to certify cosmetics, declares that For a beauty item to be considered organic, 95% of its ingredients must come from certified systems.

The costs

cost of makeup-organic

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The product organically certified is about a 30% more expensive than a normal one, since respecting all the required standards has its cost, which also gives it added value.

The characteristics of the organic product

The textures, colors and aromas They are different to normal products since by not having aggregates, appear with their natural characteristics.


an organic product it is not hypoallergenic, since there are those who have allergies to vegetables or minerals. Remember to do the corresponding test on the wrist.

product descriptionread the labels , in which the certifications and ingredients appear, which do not have to be many.


Kora Organics

It is the brand of products and makeup of the model Miranda Kerr, who, in addition to leading a healthy and environmentally friendly life, has created your cosmetic line.

kora organic makeup

Their products have ingredients such as microbiotic salts from the Pacific Ocean northwestern Australia, rose quartz crystal water to which healing properties are attributed, rosehip oil and vitamin complexes.

The star ingredient is NONI, originally from the South Pacific, antioxidant and with healing properties for the skin.

100% Pure

100% pure organic makeup This mark of organic makeup, has the widest variety of makeup for the face and hands with organic certification. It is one of the best known in the world for its selection of products for the natural manufacture of makeup among other products.

Antonym Cosmetics

Antonym ORGANIC Makeup

New York company with certified productsI know they use natural pigments for the shadows and makeup for the face.

The flagship product is jojoba oil based eyeliner.

Afterglow Cosmetics

afterglow organic makeupYour product portfolio, certified and with a wide range of options for the modern woman.


ecco bella organic makeup

It is characterized because its FlowerColor line productsthey use a protective layer similar to the one that covers flower petals to care for women’s skin.

Alima Pure

alima pure organic makeupThe organic products of Alima Pure They are endorsed by the International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation. The brand produces a saturated mineral foundation without chemicals and colorants with a range of 61 different shades.


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