The Monsters High are dolls based on horror and fiction movies with a human appearance. What sets them apart from other dolls is their bold fashion sense. Makeup kits can even be seen on the shelves to emulate their unique looks.

Nowadays, the Monster High, due to its unique style, has become a trend. Not only does it attract the attention of girls, it has also captured the attention of the young and not so young due to its glamorous looks. The different styles of each doll give great ideas to achieve a glamorous look.

Styles for every occasion and every age

Women have always sought to take risks in terms of style and search for new trends in makeup, from something as simple as lips to a bold eyeliner. That is why it is not surprising that the makeup style of these dolls is making trends today.

Each character has a different style in terms of makeup. What makes it attractive not only for girls, many girls of all ages try to imitate their extravagant and glamorous styles. This article will review various data that will be useful at the time of makeup.

Metallic pink eyeshadows: draculaura

It’s time to rethink pink. When using pink colors, many dare to style bright pink shadows or metallic finishes. Others a touch of rose gold in the corners of the eyes to give it shine. Whether they are vibrant magentas or soft pinks, many girls have dared to wear this challenging look.


Lagoona Blue and its Blue tones

To the time to use many blue tones choose a bold blue shade across the entire lid, mixing it with colors more natural like light browns or tan tones. The touch of blue eyeliner along the lashes it does an amazing job of brightening up the eyes. Thus giving that modern finish they are looking for.


Cleo de Nile Egyptian Eyeliners

He The style of this doll is based on using earthy colors and outline very marked using black liquid eyeliners for a highlighting cat eye style. Others decide to use shadows with red and gold tones to give it that smoky effect, for a look shocking. Without forgetting the fiery red that lives the lips always being a winning mix.


Makeup imposed by Frankie Stain.

There is no doubt that possession at Glitter makeup will stay on for a long time. applying glitter thick around the eyes together with a natural make-up gives a glamor glitter style. Thanks to grunge style of these dolls many have decided to spread the shine on the eyelids


Gold in Clawdeen Wolf’s makeup

The season of golden colors has arrived. That is why many have imitated makeup with coral tones. The pink colors are present in the lips and cheekbones but with more yellow tones. Generally these coral and peach tones give a natural effect.


Metallic Colors the Style: Vondergeist Specters

When thinking about metallic colors silver and gold tones come to mind. The style of this doll goes more there then not limited to using tones bright like purples and burgundy, the use of said shades as eyeliner to give an unparalleled shine to the eyes.


Smoke eyes Operetta

The smoky style in the eyes have turned out to be a classic that is coming to life. Either with dark tones like black style and silver grunge style or soft shades of browns and bronzes less iridescent. Others decide to take fuzzy lines around the eyelids to give a worn look. Are always styles that fit almost all.


Pink Lips as Abbey Bominable

Even though the pink in the lips has been a classic this doll ha Colors like hot or neon pink have become a trend. In actuality there are new fresh and modern shades that make lips pop that won’t make you feel without makeup Without a doubt, intense pink is back thanks to the style particular of this doll




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