Men commonly only use makeup to disguise themselves when attending particular events. However, in some countries the makeup for men It is having a great acceptance. Therefore, it is practical to know makeup ideas followed by men in costumes or in their daily lives.

Meet the best makeup ideas for men that are in fashion

The proposals of makeup for men they can be terrifying or risky. All men have the freedom to decide what makeup to wear and the right time to do it. In addition, due to the great differences between tastes that individuals present, it is practical to analyze different makeup proposals.

Makeup for daily use

natural image

Just like women, men have the opportunity to enhance their natural attractiveness with makeup. The application of compact powder and a discreet shine can greatly enhance the complexion. For that reason, some men have decided to use these products to look great.

Makeup for men 3

imposing style

The man who does not want to use excessive makeup in his costume has a variety of options. For example, you can use eyeliner to achieve a powerful and piercing look. The base gives the impression of a perfect face and a scar next to the lip it’s a rough touch.

Makeup for men 5

discreet makeup

Men can look much better with understated makeup. This makeup uses base to unify the tone of the face and cover imperfections. In addition, it is possible to use light shades to draw attention to the look and leave the lips natural. In that way, the men manage to enhance their face without giving the impression of wearing makeup.

Makeup for men 7

Fantasy makeup for men


The makeup needed to wear a skull costume is considered one of the simplest. The whole face is painted pale white while the features are highlighted with black color to evoke a skull. The complexity of the design can be determined by each individual using that theme.

Makeup for men 1


The Joker, also called the Joker, is a famous fictional character who acts as a villain. Men can imitate the characteristic makeup of this character by painting his face white. In addition to this, the eyes must be black and a red line must cross the lips.

Makeup for men 2


Ghosts are protagonists of many horror movies. Therefore, it is understandable that there are proposals for makeup for men Let them try to evoke ghosts. The key is to use pale white as a background and black to highlight the look. Black must also be applied in the mouth correctly to obtain a dark appearance.

Makeup for men 4


Werewolves are perfect costume and makeup themes for men. The hairy and scary face is vital to achieving the desired look. Correctly mixed and applied paint can mimic the appearance of werewolf fur. In addition, it is important to paint some fangs to complete the makeup for men.

Makeup for men 6


Zombies have become enormously popular thanks to their appearance in successful series and movies. For this reason, there are men who choose this theme to wear it as a costume. Zombie-inspired makeup should be dark, especially in the eyes. The scars are quite an appropriate extra touch. for a costume of this class.

Makeup for men 8


Men who don’t want to look like monsters have a few alternatives. One of them consists of using black eyeliner and a little black shadow to simulate dark circles. The red paint is essential to simulate small scars on the face. On the other hand, black paint is used to write the word “monster” in English on the neck.

Makeup for men 9


Ancient vampires are characterized by wearing quite particular makeup. White, gray and black are vital in this style Horror. Blood red can be used on the lips for a better visual effect.

Makeup for men 10

Reasons to use this makeup?

Men can try the makeup ideas mentioned above for these reasons:

  1. There are proposals for makeup for men for daily living or to use with costumes.
  2. Various makeup models are easy to execute.
  3. The proposed variety of makeup styles covers the needs and preferences of any individual.



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