Fantasy makeup

Makeup for pampering: 8 ideas that look great

He makeup for pampering It has been around for a long time, as many know, mimes are theater actors. They communicate and act through...

80s makeup ideas and designs of this time

The trend of 80s makeup was one of the most daring since the fancy at the time of makeup there was no limit because...
Maquillaje de VAMPIRESA: 15 ideas escalofriantes!

VAMPIRES makeup: 15 creepy ideas!

Vamp makeup is one of the most popular among girls when they arrive parties like Halloween either Carnival. It is a very versatile costume...

Resalta tus ojos con tonos oscuros

PIRATE makeup: 8 spectacular designs!

He pirate makeup It is not exclusive for boys or men, many girls have decided to dress up for the holidays as Halloween either...
Maquillaje de VAMPIRO: 20 diseños escalofriantes!

VAMPIRE makeup: 20 creepy designs!

Vampire makeup is one of the most popular costumes for Halloween and Carnival. Many people opt for scarier vampire costumes, others for more classic,...


MINNIE makeup: 6 designs and ideas to look great!

Minnie's makeup is a classic for all girls for decades and decades, this is an incredibly sweet and cuddly character from the cartoons, which...
Maquillaje FX

DEVIL makeup: 15 designs to look charming!

Devil makeup is one of the most used costumes on halloween and Carnival, this is one of the most fun makeups, because it has...

Para bebés

LION makeup: 10 easy and great designs!

Makeup is not something that is only done when we are older, but it is also an excellent tool for designing amazing kids makeup,...

DRACULA makeup: 10 designs to terrify people!

The MDracula's makeup is one of the most seen when Halloween arrivesIn addition, it is one of the easiest to do considering that the...


CLEOPATRA makeup: 12 easy designs that look great!

Being Cleopatra is one of the Halloween makeup Very used, dressing up as this character is one of the first ideas that come to...
Como un hada

BUTTERFLY makeup: 10 beautiful designs easy to do

When are we going to do fantasy makeup for girls there is always an animal that comes to light and it is the butterfly....
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Spiderman makeup: 6 easy-to-do designs

The little ones in the house love to dress up and one of the most important parts of a costume is finding makeup that...