If you think the makeup for carnival is only for women, then you are wrong!!

Since ancient times the men they used make-up to express their states, to differentiate themselves from other tribes or for certain rituals. Nowadays, having more products adapted to protect our fur and of different colors, the men dare to use for these parties, extravagant makeup and very originals.

man carnival makeup

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If you want to see ideas about makeups men’s for carnival, then you cannot stop reading this article in which we will leave you the 10 best carnival makeup ideas.


man carnival makeupDo you like this idea? Then do not forget to take it into account, and remember that the colors you can choose them, and the best of these makeups is that you can do the design what you want Here the most important thing is to let your imagination fly.


man carnival makeup

The celestial colors with the red They create a great contrast when used together. A feature of the carnivals is the diversity of colors that are used, regardless of whether they match or not.

You can also add scribbles on the face, for which we recommend that you do it with a nib tipped eyeliner or in gel with a fine line brush.


A good idea for a carnival makeup for men is to make some abstract design as in the image. In these cases, you are the one who chooses which features of your face you want to highlight.

man carnival makeup


As you can see in the picture, this design It is very similar to those used by African tribes in ancient times.

man carnival makeup

This design has, as the basis of make-up, a White color that encompasses the entire expensive, and then with different colors can perform the shapes what you wish.

Always remember to use products that are specially made for artistic makeup. These are made for the purpose of Take care of the skin, that it does not stain clothes and that it lasts longer in your face.


A great example of a carnival makeup classic is the one we see in the image. As you can see, the colors of the make-up they are similar to the ones on her outfit.

man carnival makeup

A men’s makeup for carnival classical style comprises make up highlighting the area of ​​the eyes with colored shadows and a dramatic outline.


If your idea is to make a carnival makeup for men simple, then this is a great idea.

man carnival makeup

Can make up, both a eye as both, marking the edge with a thick lined and then fill it with color that you like the most


man carnival makeup

A funny makeup and simple, is to perform the joker design but with different colors and that they are especially flashy.


An original idea is make up the whole face, including (as you can see in the picture) the ears.

man carnival makeup

This type of make-up will make this look like a mask that covers all your face. It will look fantastic!


One option original and striking is to use, above the makeup colors that you use,colored glitter

MEN'S makeup for carnival

Remember to use glue that is especially foruse it on the skin.


A typical feature of carnival makeup is to achieve that the traits be highlights and exaggerated.

man carnival makeupAfter removing your makeup, you must clean your skin well, for this we leave you “7 tips to have perfect skin”

As you can see in the picture, the eyes and the mouth Are the parts of the face more made up A trick to achieve this effect, is that with a black outlined outline the shapes you choose for your make-up.


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