HINDU makeup has great mysteries, history and many points that will interest you to look exotic and sensual.

That is why we will tell you and show you in this post 10 beautiful and ideal Indian makeup designs for you.

indian makeup pink shadows

The history of Indian makeup

In Hindu culture, makeup was the means to convey, through symbols, states or beliefs of their religion and even social and civil situation or status.

Beyond everything it can represent in the religious and social field, of course, Hindu makeup is also a symbol of beauty today.

hindu woman makeup

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Hindu makeup and its characteristic details

The eyes and the kajal

The kajal is an eyeliner, on the inside and outside. They are used by as many men as women and the age does not matter. As in Arabic makeup, Hindu makeup has as its central axis the highlighting of the eyes. So the eyebrows are also made up and outlined perfectly.

hindu woman makeup smiling

pale skin

Given that in India light skin is associated with the fact that those who had more wealth in their caste social system generally had lighter skin, this is still considered a symbol of status. Nowadays it can be translated to that in the skin of the face, the makeup used is extremely natural and uniform, highlighting the eyes.

indian woman pale skin

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The mouth in Hindu makeup

As we said before and since Hindu makeup is accompanied by many jewels and beads, the mouth goes into the background and makeup is done in the most natural way possible.

indian mouth makeup

The colors in the Hindu make up

The colors are strong, but focused on the eyes. Black is essential to outline the eye contour, and smoked or faded is key in many of the Indian makeup styles.

Hindu women’s clothing is colorful and so is often the eye makeup.

The color for the skin is corrective and a natural or translucent mask that accompanies the skin tone.

indian makeup colors

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The lips are generally made up with dark brown or cherry colors and outlined in a stronger tone than the lipstick.

Bronze and gold tones are the key to giving light in Indian makeup.

indian makeup red lips

The jewels that accompany Hindu makeup

According to religious and social customs, Hindu women must adorn themselves with 16 ornaments and pieces, which are generally used in their entirety at weddings and religious festivals.

This sets the stage for the Hindu make-up we are talking about today.

The Tika

The Tika is a chain that is placed on the forehead and with a pendant at one end, which is exposed on the forehead.

hindu and tika makeup

the bindi

The bindi (meaning dot) is the well-known red dot between the eyebrows. This has various interpretations:

It represents love and honor in women, so it is not only used by married women, but also by those who are loved and honorable by their society.
HINDU makeup and bindi

In ancient times that red dot was marked with the groom’s bloody finger, today it is represented through makeup and stickers. And even in the Hindu culture itself, even girls use it as an ornament, and in different types of colors.

The bindi adornment on the forehead is more common to use on a daily basis and of course it has become a fashion item in Western culture.


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