You may wonder what is different about italian makeup to any other? And I can tell you that a lot. You will be able to discover in this entry, the secrets of italian women to look sensual and natural at the same time.

italian makeup

Italy, fashion and beauty

We know that Italy is the center of the European and world fashion. In this great country you breathe beauty and fashion, the latest trends in terms of clothes, handbags, shoes and even makeup go through the catwalks of italy.

The great designers of all kinds of articles that have to do with beauty, fashion, jewelry, accessories, both for men and women, emerge from the streets of Milan .

the atmosphere is glamour, trends and the best brands in the world , among them Armani, Versace, Dolce e Gabbana, Prada, Fendi, Louise Vuitton, Channel, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, BUlgari, Cartier, Valentino or Gianfranco Ferré.

italian makeup

The Italian woman

The Italian woman is sensual by nature, his dark hair and brown complexion already in itself they also mark his strong and overwhelming personality.

The italian woman is a great inspiration trends .

We will show in this article Italian women famous for their beauty.

italian makeup

Italian makeup tips


The Italians have as a fundamental premise highlight your favorable traits, but always naturally. Their dark eyes and red lips are its main features. And the most important Eyebrows,They must be abundant and well groomed. If you have eyebrows with few hairs, you can fill them in with a pencil or with a brush and shadow for the eyelids (of course the color of your eyebrows).

italian makeup

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Smoky eyes:

He gradient in eye shadow, is the primary key. of course always in dark tones, from black to terracotta or purple. But always featured and loaded. applies abundant mascara for a perfect finish.

italian makeup

Lip contour:

For the contour of the lips there are two little secrets. One: outline the contour of the lips with highlighter to give it more volume. Two: Outline the lips very well with eyeliner pencil the same color as the lipstick.

italian makeup

Voluptuous Lips

Once the lips are outlined, do not skimp on applying abundant lipstick to the entire surface of your lips. And it is red color better, so you will look perfect italian makeup.

Do not forget apply gloss on the lips to give volume

italian makeup

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To give the final touch to makeup, mark your cheekbones with a blush according to the rest of the makeup.


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