How to get a NATURAL MAKEUP for every day

A Natural makeupFor those women who like to be fixed, it should be done using a tone that is not very charged. The makeup...

Maquillaje para RUBIAS labios naranjas

Makeup for BLONDES: 10 beautiful designs for them

Each person is different, each skin is different, but makeup helps us unify some things, that is why today we want to talk to...
Maquillajes para el día delineados

Makeup for the day: 10 tips to look splendid

We all want to look spectacular at all times of our day, for this we must take good care of the skin of our...

Gwyneth Palthrow sin maquillaje

Celebrities without makeup: Number 10 sure you don’t recognize her without producing!

We envy the famous, for their beauty, their wardrobe and their life, but many times we do not imagine what they are like in...
Maquillaje para boda hermoso

Wedding makeup: 10 tips that you should not ignore

The wedding is one of the most important moments in a woman's life, the preparations are many, but in addition to all that we...

Actrices famosas

Makeup from the 20s: Designs and techniques of the time

Approximately every decade makeup changes, adapting to new fashions, styles, aesthetics and the situations that women experience. This allows us to study the ideals...
Maquillajes años 50 2

Makeup from the 50s: Ideas to wear from that time!

The 50s were clearly marked by fashions that still cannot be forgotten today. These fashions were related to the style of hair and clothing....

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Simple gothic makeup: 10 easy ideas to do

The look you get with the gothic makeup It can be adapted for men and women. People who want to use makeup to convey...
Maquillaje labios rojos 7

Red lip makeup: 8 ideas to look super good!

Lips stand out fantastically when beautifully painted in a striking red color. He makeup red lips It is a seductive, elegant and sophisticated bet....

Maquillaje para el vestido rosa palo 3

Makeup for the pale pink dress: 5 ideas to wear and highlight this color!

Make-up must suit the circumstances of each woman's daily life. For this reason, there are styles makeup appropriate for specific events or looks. He...
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Pirate makeup for women: 10 ideas that look super good

Pirates commonly associate with children and men. Despite this, there are various ideas of woman pirate makeup that they look spectacular. For that reason,...
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OIL FREE makeup: 6 products I’ve tried and they work

The use of make-up Oil-free It is necessary for girls with oily skin. This class of products that help regulate fat or natural oil...