You have probably heard of KiKO or KIKO MILANO makeup, and you will have seen that you can to buy online, but you have doubts because you do not know them . So that you can make your purchase with peace of mind, either personally or remotely, we are going to summarize the opinions that we have collected from the Brand and the products.

Facts about KIKO MILANO

Kiko Milano is a Italian cosmetics brand, developer of products for the skin, makeup and aesthetics in general facial and body.

Are high quality products with diversity of products, assortment of colors and designs.

kiko makeup

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Kiko makeup presents itself as a prominent company in the diversity and impact of its colors and textures in her makeup line, innovate constantly its cosmetic lines, gives safety to health (are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and ophthalmologically tested), are always up to date with the latest fashions and trends in colors and fragrances.

Its commercialization is through its own stores and not franchises, so they maintain their procedure and direct customer service according to their mission.

KIKO does not experiment on animal tests, so it is a nature-friendly product and it is chosen for that reason.

Comments and Favorable Aspects

kiko makeup

Suitable for all Pockets

KiKO Milano is a brand with high quality products at an affordable price. They have an excellent price-quality ratio

Very good promotions

Take advantage of the promotions of different products that KIKO has at different times of the year.

Nail Polishes: Variety of colors and high quality

What the opinions of the users stand out the most is the wide variety of colors and the excellent quality of nail polishes from Kiko Milano.

kiko makeup

News and star products

One of its star products is the Glass Nail File, a great trend among professional manicures.

To fix pigments and fix shadows, there is theMixing Solution a liquid that makes your makeup last longer.

The Shadows in Cream and BarThey are long-lasting and of very good quality.

kiko makeup

Comments and unfavorable aspects

Some specialists in make up They have marked non-recommended products.

Lip Base Primer

It would not fulfill the function of prolonging the duration of lipstick or gloss. In addition to drying out the lips and disfavoring when placing the lipstick.


Characteristics of little fixation are attributed to it and that it would not meet the characteristics of “water proof”

kiko makeup

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Concealer (Kiko Soft Focus Concealer)

This concealer would not, according to some makeup artists, have high coverage.


Of various tested KIKO makeup brushes, unfavorable opinions are heard, such as that the hairs or bristles fall out, they do not blend well and product remains between the bristles.

kiko makeup


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