fantasy and children It’s synonymous, that’s for sure. And why and what for take them out of that wonderful and magical world in which they live? That is a challenge that we adults have to make them live away from the often violent and unfair reality in which the world lives.

Scholars of neuroscience and creativity say that childhood fantasy is a breeding ground for a creative adult life.


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Don’t take your children out of that wonderful life of colors, shine and magic. And if they are missing playing fantastically, don’t stop introducing them to that world. To motivate them we are going to show you 10 fantasy makeup for children.

Fantasy makeup for children

He Fantasy make up it is a great technique trend , of artistic makeup, which is performed on the body. Among them are the body face and the body painting.

In this technique the artist who develops the task basically uses his art and creativity to capture in colors, brightness and accessories images alluding to the theme of the event.


The fantasy makeup for children are limited to paint on the face.

It is used on special occasions such as birthday, halloween, carnival, school activities.

Although conventional makeup can be used for this activity, it is recommended that in the children’s face, are used specific and hypoallergenic cosmetics. Also all tools like brushes and brushes that you use, they must be very soft and be perfectly disinfected and clean. The kids skin It is very delicate and could cause dermatitis or any type of condition.

Being focused only on the face the fantasy makeup for kids It is ideal to complement a costume , or in a simple wardrobe highlight the face so that it is the protagonist with heavy makeup.


makeup for girls

The girls have been fans of the makeup, colors and glitter. His world revolves around flowers, butterflies, stars, fairies, princesses and some favorite character that they will surely let you know. So it is where the greatest possibility of expressing creativity exists.





children’s makeup

The world of children is surrounded by superheroes, pets, jungle world, ferocious animals, sports, etc. Here we will show you some examples.




Thematic Makeups

A special event to make up is Halloween. We already know that the pumpkin and the walking dead they are the star of the occasion.



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