The first communion is a very important event in the life of a girl, so it is normal for parents to want everything to be perfect. In addition to choosing the right dress, it is also important to consider the right makeup and shoes.

In the case of makeup, it is important to take into account the age of the girl. Generally, at this age a natural and simple makeup, that highlights your natural beauty and does not make you look too old. A little lip gloss, a touch of blush and a soft mascara are enough to make the girl feel special and made up.

As for the shoes, it is important to choose a pair that is comfortable and suitable for the occasion. If the girl is wearing a long dress, a pair of low-heeled or low-heeled shoes is recommended to prevent trips or falls. Communion shoes are usually white or in a similar tone to the dress, and may have details such as bows or ornaments to give a special touch.

Makeup and shoes: Elementals in your daughter's communion - primera comunion hija

It is important to keep in mind that communion shoes do not have to be exclusive for this event. If a comfortable and elegant pair of shoes is chosen, the girl will be able to wear them on other special occasions, such as weddings or baptisms.

In general, both makeup and shoes are important details when preparing a girl for her first communion. It’s important to consider your age and personality, and choose appropriate and comfortable options to make you feel special and at ease on your special day.

Trend in women’s, girls and communion shoes this season

Fashion is an aspect that is always in constant evolution. and each season brings with it new trends and styles. In this article, we will focus on the new collection of dress shoes and sandals for women from the Pedro Miralles and Bibilou brands.

One of the main characteristics of this collection and that you should consider when buy women’s shoes is the great variety of models and types of shoes that are offered. We can find slingbacks, heeled sandals, ballerinas and many other options to adapt to any style or event. In addition, the designs are characterized by their elegance and sophistication, with details that make the difference.

As for colors, this season we find a wide variety of options. The bright and cheerful tones, such as orange, fuchsia or green, are very popular and offer a touch of color and joy to any outfit. In addition, silver and gold metallic leathers are also a very marked trend this season.

Makeup and shoes: Elementals in your daughter's communion - zapatos comunion 1

As for the communion shoes for girls, which you can find at, the trend this season are ballet-type ballerinas and ballerinas with support. These models are comfortable and elegant, ideal for girls who want to be comfortable but at the same time groomed on their special day. When it comes to colors, pastel shades such as pink and blue are the most popular, as well as classic white and beige that never go out of style.

Both in the collection of dress shoes and sandals for women and in the communion shoes for girls, we find a wide variety of options to adapt to any style and occasion. The trend this season is characterized by bright and cheerful colours, metallic leathers and elegant and sophisticated designs. Without a doubt, a great opportunity to find the perfect pair of shoes for any special event.


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