The fantasy makeup for teens It is a world where the artist who dedicates himself to these techniques somehow sets them aside to create without limits on people’s bodies or faces.

and in the teenage world both things go hand in hand fantasy and lack of limits They are the axis of your daily life.. Perhaps for this reason teenagers They are the ones who use the most fantasy makeup, without fear of anything and without barriers. They abound in color, brightness, avant-garde, fiction.

to help your imagination, if you do not decide on any theme or character in particular, we show you 9 fantasy makeup for teenagers.

Fantasy makeup for Carnival teenagers

HE carnival It is one of the occasions in which you have to leave your shyness aside and express yourself through some costume or artistic makeup. It is a time of glitter, fabrics, costumes, characters, and much more.

In different parts of the world, the carnival and have their own identity. we will show you some fantasy carnival makeup, which of course is accompanied by fabulous scenery and costumes.

Venice’s Carnival

He Venice’s Carnival Is one of the most glamorous and fantastic of the world, is characterized by its Venetian masks and makeup with glitter and golden colors.


Brazil Carnival

He brazilian carnival Is one of the most colorful, loud and fun in the world. He fantasy make up is star protagonist accompanied by lavish attire.

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiaadolescbrazil

Movie Character Makeup

The teenagers love the fiction films or in which they are identified with their protagonists heroes or villains. Here are some of their favorites so you can copy or remake the designs.

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillaje fantasiaadolescelsombrereroloco

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiaadolescmask

Halloween or Halloween makeup

The Halloween night is preferred by teenagers, we already know that the horror movies, the walking dead, are their favorites so it is the ideal occasion to take this special date as a theme and have fun with fantasy make up .

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiaadolescvampiresa

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiacadavermujer

Inlaid Makeup

The fantasy makeup for teens They are so broad and their creators highly innovative, that each time the incorporation of various elements to his works of art.

We can see fantasy makeup with inlaid with stones, with diamonds, pearls and feathers.


9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiaadolescpiedras

9 FANTASY MAKEUP for teenagers - maquillajefantasiaadolesctatoo

Essential advice:

use your imagination, let yourself go, do not set limits and enjoy this art that increasingly collaborates in fulfilling yourfantasies.


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