Are you preparing for a party with glamor? You already have the clothes, shoes and hairstyle but you are not sure which of these party makeup will you wear that night?

If you have doubts today we are going to show you 6 designs with Glamor Makeup for party.

Who will be our “Totem” of Glamorous makeup this time?

Today he will accompany us with his exquisite makeup models Rihanna, the beautiful Barbadian brunette, who beyond being extremely successful singer, is an actress, fashion designer, model and businesswoman. And yes, of course, faced with so many responsibilities and so many roles in her daily life, she will surely be prepared for each one of them, with her best makeup looks.

glamorous and sexy

We know that Rihanna is a chameleon and permanently changes its hair color, her look and her hairstyles.

This time we see a glamorous, sexy and vampire makeup.

Highlight her mouth with a black cherry lipstick and in the eyes a faded in burgundy tones, with great neatness in his eyebrows and total delineation in the lower and upper eyelids, and very masked eyelashes. Excellent shades combined for a brown skin and the hair tied.Highlight the smoothness of your skin with a peach blush which lights up the face


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Colorful and Soft

If you want to add a bit of color to your outfitsthen choose a colorful but understated makeup.

In this case, it is a make up with a classic eyeliner and with purple shadows on the fixed eyelid and ocher on the mobile eyelid.

We recommend that you choose the shadow colors according to your preference or those that you consider to be the best fit according to the color of your complexion.

A peach lipstick that accompanies the range of shadows, will be the best combination.


Glamorous and Feminine

This make up chosen to star in an advertising campaign that should precisely transmit glamor, and femininity is based on a pink range, in the blush, the lipstick and the fixed eyelid with a lighting in the same tone. emphasizes the look with smoke eyes in black and outlined with shadow.


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Glamorous and Nature

If you likelook natural, and not let it be a glamorous makeup, you can see this option in which rihanna looks extremely natural, letting her skin shine, but highlighting her features with shimmers and earth tones on blush and lids and an outlined marking on the upper eyelid that stands out.

makeup for parties - rianha

Glamorous and Sensual

The shades copper in shadows and blush, an eyeliner on both eyelids and a Red lipstick that matches the dress, is a choice of glamor makeup for a brunette with personality.


Glamorous and Sober

Another quiet but glamorous makeup option for parties is to put eye emphasis, outlining and masking the eyelashes well, brown shadows and natural lips.



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