Clowns are and have always been part of our lives, especially in childhood where the world of fantasy and creativity are on the surface.

If you have nostalgia for your childhood and want to give joy in some children’s party, your child’s birthday, or a friend’s birthday, or you are simply looking for designs so that your child can dress up as a clown, we are going to show you 10 very good designs! CLOWN Makeup.

The basic tips of a clown makeup.

Although each clown face is unique, due to the type of expression or attitude you want to give it, there is always basic questions to develop.

It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman, most clown designs are similar and can be worn by both genders.

The key to achieving a good clown makeup design is paint the face white as a base, to be able to develop all your creativity and range of colors there.

If you want to interpret a Classic Clownyou will have to think about makeup exaggerated in quantity and in the design of facial expressionsespecially the eyes, mouth and nose.

The vertical black line on the eyelid It is also a classic, it begins on the upper eyelid and ends below the eye.

Colors that should not be missing are White, black and red.

The color white, as we already said for the base of the face, the black to outline the areas to highlight and the Red for the mouth, nose and cheeks.

For any type of clown, the classic or Augusto, the Pierrot or the Characterized Clown, who are simply exaggerated factions in the person, or fantasy style, you should take into account that it is accompanied by the appropriate wardrobe.

Also you can add other products to your makeup how can it be glitter, or glue sprinkles to your face and make the designs that you like the most.

Remember that although we show you clown makeup designs, you can make up your face as you like, let your imagination fly and design unique and fun makeup!!

Clown Makeup for Men

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Clown Makeup for Women

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Clown makeup for children

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Diabolical and very evil clowns makeup

These are the horror clowns, scary creatures that sometimes pretend to be murderers and that like to scare people, that scare whoever sees them because they are unaware of their true intentions, widely used on Halloween. If this is the goal of your clown costume, here are some ideas.

very bad clown makeup evil clown makeup

devilish clown makeup devilish clown makeup

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