There are thousands of brushes and each of them has a specific function and provides a specific finish. But in this article we will tell you what the Basic brush kit that you must have for daily makeup.

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It is always necessary to have one of these brushes in our wallet to be able to touch up our makeup anywhere.

That is why if you are wondering what are the basic and essential brushes you must have:


1) Kabuki Brush:

this brush is a all-purpose brush, that is to say that it can be adapted both to apply blush or another product, but it is Ideal for applying powder foundation.

2) Skunk Brush:

in this case, this brush is Perfect for applying liquid foundation. We recommend that you choose to incorporate these brushes to apply your liquid foundation into your makeup routine since it spreads the product better than the famous sponges or simply our fingers.

3) Concealer Brush:

generally these brushes have a Compact and flat tip that are intended to distribute the concealer well on the face.

4) Blush Brush:

We recommend that this brush have its soft and long hairs and diagonally so that in this way the powder can be well blended and give it a more natural finish.


1) Para shadows:

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in this case we recommend that your hairs are short and their tips are rounded. This shape of the brush will make when you apply your shadow remains adhered to your skin for longer.

2) smudger brush:

this brush is specifically to give the blurred effect to your makeup.

3) For eyeliner:

this brush is perfect to apply gel eyeliners. Their hairs should be hard and spiky so that when you apply it it pretends to be an eyeliner pencil.

4) Shaper brush:

When we apply shadows, there is usually a space between the shadow and the line of our eyelashes. This brush will prevent this from happening, since the shadow will be perfectly dispersed between the external and internal lines of our eyelashes, which is why it must have a soft and fine tip.


This brush is ideal for combing your eyebrows both before and after makeup. It will also help you to comb your eyelashes before applying mascara. This will make each hair of your eyelash separate and when you apply the mascara it will appear more quantity and longer lashes.


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Today many women have chosen to apply their lipsticks with brushes. Generally applying it this way you can give your lips more shape with the lipstick and it will be better distributed.

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