There are tools that are essential when setting up a business related to beauty or personal care. And aesthetic loupes are one of them. These fulfill the mission of performing a job with precision, such as waxing in beauty salons or performing small details in manicure and pedicure centers.

has become a must For those tasks that require great detail and fixation on nuances. Currently, we can find different types and models. But, if your idea is to incorporate one of them into your work kit, you have to have the support of professionals who advise you to find out which model best suits your needs.

There is an aesthetic magnifying glass for every business

If we visit websites like, we can find that there are different models of aesthetic loupes. For this reason, we have wanted to summarize the 3 most common types so that you can choose which one best suits what you need:

  • Aesthetic loupes with stand: There are many businesses that require this tool as you need different heights and angles to get the job done with better vision. In addition, it allows you to move it to be able to work on other areas of the body and work with both hands. All models usually have an articulated arm for better comfort.
  • Aesthetic table magnifiers: Unlike the previous one, this one is attached to a flat surface. It is perfect for businesses that are dedicated to hair removal or manicures, since it does not need to be held manually and, thanks to its integrated lighting, a perfect result is achieved in small details.
  • Desktop cosmetic loupes: They are similar to tabletop magnifiers, but are smaller and more portable. Thus, you can take it if you get a job outside the business. They are very useful for professionals who make up brides and grooms on the farms. Even, also, for events and fairs. They can be fixed on any flat surface.

What things should be taken into account when choosing one?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a magnifying glass for aesthetics:

  • Increasing: Magnification is the measure of how much the image is enlarged. We can find between 3 and 8 magnifications. A magnifying glass with a magnification of 5x or higher is suitable for detailed work.
  • The lighting: Good lighting is essential to be able to see details clearly. LED lighted magnifiers are a good choice, as they provide high-quality, homogeneous illumination. In addition, its useful life can reach up to 30,000 hours of use.
  • The diameter: The diameter of the lens is another important factor to consider. A larger lens diameter allows for a wider field of view, while a smaller diameter is easier to handle.
  • Cheap is expensive: In this case, buying an aesthetic magnifying glass is a long-term investment. It is important to choose one that is comfortable and has a good grip. It is advisable to choose a recognized brand with a good reputation in the market.

In short, aesthetic loupes have become a necessary and useful tool and we can find the one that best suits what we are looking for. We just have to find the right one.


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