Keeping our makeup in perfect order is very important, to quickly find what we have and to keep everything nice and clean. However, this is not always easy, because women have a lot of makeup and they are usually messy on our table. Therefore, it is ideal makeup organizer, this will help us keep everything in its place and give each item a space.

Today we have brought you several completely homemade ideas so that Organize your makeup without problems and in a very fast way.

Create your easy makeup organizer

We want you to know that the ideas that we will give you below are homemade, so that you can have your makeup organizer without spending too much money, but in the market there are different products that will help you organize your cosmetics without much work, these they can be a bit expensive.

1-. drawer organizer

makeup organizer drawers

Surely yes you have your makeup in a drawer, you will realize that sometimes you do not get what you need, because everything is disorganized, for this we have a perfect solution. If you are skilled with crafts you can do cardboard boxes of different sizes, you must do the necessary amount so that they are just in your drawer, preventing them from moving every time you open or close it.

If you have a little trouble with crafts you can buy some little boxes, these are usually plastic which will make them a lot more durable and easier to clean, but surely they do not adapt to the measurements of the drawer or are a little expensive.

2-. Crystal glasses

makeup brush organizer

An excellent idea for organize brushes, mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks, it is with crystal glasses. These can be recycled product containers, glasses or cups that you no longer use. The advantage of these organizers is that they are very easy to clean, also if you choose pretty designs, you can use them as decorations for your room.

If the glass is made of transparent glass, it is an excellent idea that you paint things that you like with permanent markers, this will give them a lot of more personality and style to your makeup organizer.

3-. Cardboard or wooden drawers

makeup organizer cardboard or wooden drawers

Crystal glasses are a great way to organize our long makeup, but what about organizing the flat makeup, such as powders or shadows? For that, we have an excellent idea for you. Can you do cardboard or wooden drawersThese are very easy to make and you can decorate in your own way. We recommend that you make them out of wood, as they are much firmer and will last longer.

If you prefer to buy it, currently, there is a lots of organizers of all styles. The ones that are most used are the transparent acrylic ones, they are very pretty, but they are usually a bit expensive, so if you are looking for something much cheaper, we invite you to use all your creativity creating your own makeup organizer.

4-. bags

makeup organizer bags

we all have a great number of pencil or small pouches that we no longer use, this is a great way to organize our makeup. You can store different makeup in each of them, such as lipsticks or eyeliners. Also, you can simply keep them in a drawer, labeling them with something that indicates what is inside.

If you don’t have any extra bag, you can create them yourself, you will simply need thread, a needle and a piece of fabric that you like a lot, follow the model of a bag that you have in use and that’s it. In addition, you can create the amount you want and you won’t spend a lot of money.

5-. shoe rack

makeup organizer with shoe racks

Do you remember the shoe racks that hang behind a door and that not many people use it exactly for that, because this is an excellent way to organize your makeup, You will have everything in its place and since it is transparent you will be able to see what each space contains.

Of course, you must keep it as clean as possible, usually powder makeup releases dust that accumulates where we are storing it, this in a shoe rack looks very bad if it is not cleaned, because it will have a dirty and unpleasant appearance, plus all the germs it can attract to your makeup.

6-. Placemats

Makeup organizer: 6 homemade ideas to organize yourself! - Organizador de maquillajes

The placemats, They are also an excellent way to organize our makeup, especially our makeup brushesIn addition, it is a very economical and beautiful way to maintain order. All you’ll need is a placemat and a piece of elastic. you must go measuring the thickness of the brushes or cosmetics that you are going to store in this way and go weaving the elastic between the sticks of the mat. Once you finish it, seal it with some hot silicone and decorate it as you prefer.

This is a great organizer, because it will give us the opportunity to carry our brushes from one place to another without getting damaged.

We leave you a tutorial with more great ideas to organize your makeup


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