Amazing eyes? Infinite and thick eyelashes? That is the dream of every woman and that is why we generally resort to alternatives when we do not have good eyelashes.. The permanent eyelash extensions They are an option, but they have their risks.
In this post we are going to tell you everything about the risks of applying permanent eyelash extensions.

What are Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the option for those who do not have many eyelashes or have to highlight their impact look due to their work, usually on stage, TV or film.

permanent eyelash extensions

What are eyelash extensions made of?

When applying “permanent” eyelash extensions, you must know for sure what they are made of or what elements are involved in this practice.

The tabs generally and according to their quality are made of silk, mink hair and/or polyester. They stick to your eyelid with a glue, which also varies according to the brand and manufacturer.

It shouldn’t be risky, but often it is.

Why not use them?

Use permanent eyelash extensions (which are renewed every 6 or 8 weeks) It will make you get used to a different look, so when you take them off, you won’t even recognize yourself. So we suggest you use them on special occasions and that you do not become an addiction to seeing yourself with XL lashes because it can be harmful.

The 5 risks of applying permanent eyelash extensions

The fashion of XL lashes have resulted in an innumerable increase in consultations with ophthalmologists for the quantity and diversity of consequences that their use entails.

We tell you synthetically what those risks consist of

inflammation of the eyelids

The manipulation of the skin of the eyelid (which is very thin and sensitive) and the glue used to stick the permanent eyelash extension It can cause inflammation in the eyelids, and even allergic reactions.


An inflammatory process such as conjunctivitis can be caused by the accumulation of dirt and bacteria accumulated when the extensions are abundant and very long.

Permanent loss of eyelash hair

The tension, handling and weight of an eyelash extension can cause the weakening of the hair follicles of the natural eyelashes thus causing the loss of natural hair, which can even be permanent.

corneal damage

There are numerous inquiries from women who have suffered eye damage from eyelash extensions.

It is the case of those who have suffered perforations or ulcers have been caused on the cornea, due to the sharpness and hardness of the synthetic hairs of the eyelashes, which cause scratches and even perforations.

Sight loss

When a permanent eyelash placement process is not adequate or the materials are not correct, they can cause fungal infections that can lead to permanent vision loss.


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