He pirate makeup It is not exclusive for boys or men, many girls have decided to dress up for the holidays as Halloween either Carnival of these characters that have undoubtedly gained a lot of popularity thanks to Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

That’s why today, we want to show you some amazing designs for you to be inspired by your pirate makeup.

These pirate makeup ideas will inspire you for your next costume

1-. Pirate with glamorous scars

Pirate makeup with glamorous scars

Legend has it that pirates were people who were constantly persecuted by justice or by the people who were robbed, this caused some scars. You can very well represent these pirates and their scars with a little glitter or glitter. You must take into account that you must have the fixer or the glue for the glitter, so it will be fixed on your face for the whole day and night.

2-. Highlight your eyes with dark tones

Pirate makeup deep eyes

Pirates are always depicted as people with the heavily made up eyesEven for men, this doesn’t have to mean that makeup is completely messy. Take a look at this pirate makeup, it is very glamorous and careful, it will make us look beautiful, but there is a very important point, you should always highlight your eyes with dark tones.

3-. highlight your lips

pirate makeup lips

We don’t know if the pirates painted their lips in this way, but we are sure that no girl will want to go out without a lipstick to any party. Therefore, it is very important that you take the time to highlight your lips, you must take into account that the color of these It must be combined with the eyes. However, if you use black eyeshadow, you can paint your lips any dark shade or red color.

4-. Complement your makeup with accessories

Pirate makeup with accessories

He pirate makeup should not be alone, this must be combined with accessories. Pirates are always represented in movies and cartoons as people who used many clothes to adorn themselves. from a scarf, large earrings, rings and necklaces. Do not limit yourself, these accessories will be the perfect complement to your makeup.

5-. Take a chance with a more cartoonish makeup

cartoon pirate makeup

In the animated films for children, we see that most of the pirates are missing an eye, however, there is nothing more uncomfortable than covering one eye with some accessory. An excellent solution for this is that you paint the accessory, but you must keep in mind that the makeup you use must be suitable for your eyes, long-lasting and with a lot of pigmentation, because we do not want it to fall off or fade in the middle of the party or event where you are.

6-. wounded pirate

wounded pirate makeup

If you want to represent a pirate who has just come out of a battle with justice, it is very important that you paint some wounds on your face. These are easy to achieve, if you have the patience for it. The first thing you should know is that you have to have shadows in violet and red tones, as well as, you must have some fake blood. Paint the wounds where they seem best to you, even if you wear a neckline you can paint some on your chest.

7-. pirate/skeleton

Skeleton Pirate Makeup

Something that the franchise left us Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, is that pirates can be dead and appear as living people. For that, this makeup is great, pay attention to the details, because it has many. For this pirate makeup you must have a little more experience with makeup and more time to achieve it. The products that we recommend are long-lasting and those that do not transfer, otherwise you could stain your outfit and that of other people.

8-. simple but beautiful

simple pirate makeup

If you are going to a party at the last minute, it is important that you get a pirate makeup that is easy to achieve and in a short time, for this this is perfect. Always remember to pay attention to details, eye shadow is a must, as well as accessories and disheveled hair.

Some details to take into account with pirate accessories

  • Pirates wore gold and silver colored garments.
  • Try to make your clothing have the colors black, white and brown. They did not dress in colors.
  • Your hair must be completely disheveled, the pirates wore their hair messy and disinterested.
  • Shoes, unless you want to be a sexy pirate, should be flat, knee-high boots.
  • The scarf is a must, if you get a pirate hat it would be great.

In addition, we want to leave you a tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMspNeMapOo so you can achieve your pirate makeup without problems. Remember that the most important thing is that take it to your personality, so you will differentiate yourself from other people who have chosen the same costume, put things of your own taste on it, add different shadows or even paint your lips in more daring shades.

Here We leave you other incredible and ideal makeup to take to any costume celebration.


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