The unicorn is one of the most famous fantasy animals preferred by women and girls. Therefore, it is not surprising that many girls want to wear makeup inspired by that fictional creature. detail ideas of unicorn makeup to use creativity can be quite entertaining and useful.

Meet the best unicorn makeup ideas that are in fashion

Makeup is a great way to portray fictional characters or animals. For this reason, there are people who seek proposals for unicorn makeup according to the image they wish to convey. These proposals can have a feminine, childish or dark essence.

Thanks to the different make-up alternatives, every girl can show the look she wants.

pink unicorn

Pink is a color directly associated with femininity. That’s why, It’s appropriate for a unicorn-inspired makeup to use girly colorslike pink. The cheeks and eyes stand out with these shades and with the help of skin-glued decorations. In the same way, the lips can show off a pink color that highlights the fantasy essence of the look.

Unicorn makeup 1

unicorn lips

Using makeup drawn unicorn horns is an effective way to portray these creatures. A delicate little horn can look good over lipstick in an unusual way. On the other hand, the eyes must have a purple color and long eyelashes that draw attention to them.

Unicorn Makeup 2 1

shiny unicorn

The brightness is considered inevitable in an authentic unicorn makeup. Therefore, it is understandable that shadows and lip glosses with glitter are used. Of course, the best thing is that there is a difference in colors to increase the attractiveness of makeup. On the other hand, the use of false eyelashes with this look is a good idea.

Unicorn makeup 3

elegant unicorn

A lot of women want to look stylish with their unicorn inspired makeup. That it is possible when using a lipstick with a matte finish that is not conspicuous. In this way, attention is focused on the eyes that must have glitter and different shades. Dramatically highlighting your eyes is one way to convey an image of elegant fantasy.

Unicorn makeup 4

unicorn with rainbow

Rainbows and unicorns are constantly associated with each other. For that reason, a unicorn makeup You can creatively and colorfully incorporate rainbows. These elements can be placed separately to create a better display.

A part of the rainbow is located over one eye to the forehead. Conversely, the other part of the rainbow is placed under the other eye down to the jaw.

Unicorn makeup 5

unicorn eyes

The eyes stand out incredibly with an eyeliner that forms a unicorn horn. Similarly, it is important to carefully select the colors applied as shadows. Thus, the eyes will shine exceptionally.

Unicorn makeup 6

dark unicorn

Although unicorns are commonly associated with bright colors, it is possible to create dark makeup. The girls who prefer dark looks can also use unicorns as inspiration.

Unicorn makeup 7

simple unicorn

People who prefer a unicorn makeup less elaborate can opt for this proposal. The eyes are blurred with pink, purple and a little light blue. The whimsical touch is perceived on the lips and eyes by using clearly visible frosty colors.

Unicorn makeup 8 1

children’s unicorns

Girls are very excited to wear unicorn-based makeup. the little ones they can look beautiful with the use of vibrant and feminine colors on his face depicting unicorns. The colors to paint the horn and the unicorn ears on the forehead are of personal choice.

Unicorn makeup 0

frosty cheeks

Glitter appears in unicorn makeup very frequently. Pink frosted cheeks and eyes with a horn drawn as an eyeliner are great original choices. Thanks to that, any woman or girl can evoke a fantasy unicorn.

Unicorn makeup 10

Reasons to use this makeup?

Girls and women should be encouraged to try unicorn-inspired makeup for the following reasons:

  1. Unicorns are creatures with an important position in the fantasy world.
  2. A unicorn look can evoke sweetness, femininity and elegance for women.
  3. The range of colors that can be used to perform this makeup adapts to all personal tastes.



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