MAC is a company that originated in Toronto, Canada by beauty artists Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, they began to manufacture products exclusively for their clients until the demand was such that they decided to launch M A C in March 1984.

MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - MAC COSMETICS 1

Keep reading and find out top 10 best-selling MAC products and the ones you can’t stop having in your makeup kit.


You should never be without a MAC lipstick in your bag. You can get this product at matte or creamy, and in any of its colors. The price is €19.50

MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - mac lipsti


This product is one of the most sought after by women today. In addition to Moisturizing your lips makes your lipstick last even longer and doesn’t run. Its price is €18.50

MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - MAC Prep Prime FINAL 1


You will get it like “Studio Waterweight SPF 30” women have rated it as one of the best foundations that this brand has, in their rating it has 5 out of 5 stars.

It is composed with products in such a way that when applied to your face it will absorb quickly giving it a natural and light finish that will last all day without making your face look oily.

The cost of the product is €33.50.

MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - mac base


MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - Cleanse Off OIl

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“Clean off oil” have a price €26, and is a make-up remover composed of, among others, olive oil, rose oil and soybean oil. It is a product without mineral oil, which provides vitamin E to your skin and at the same time removes any type of residue from your skin, hydrates it.


MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - MAC

You can get colors like brown, purple, and black at €18 price.Is a Powder shadow with pigments that achieve a dazzling finish and color.


MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

In this case “In Extreme Dimension Lash” is one of the best sellers since its brush manages to impregnate each of the eyelashes from the root, lengthening the eyelashes and preventing the lashes from clumping together. This product is available at €23.50.


MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - 4.mac 217c

One of the most requested brushes is “217 Blending Brush” its oval-shaped hair manages to mix and blend perfectly any product you want to apply. The price is €24


MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - Studio Nail Lacquer STUDIO NAIL LACQUER Underlacquer 72

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Are you tired of painting your nails and after a few hours the nail polish has come off!? So you can’t stop having this lacquer, which allows Once your nails are painted, apply this product on top that protects your lacquer for days. The suggested price is €14.50.


This product is a must in your makeup kit! Its price is €17.50. It’s a eyebrow fixer that you can get in brown, black or transparent and that you can use it both after applying the eyeliner pencil and alone, thus giving it a natural finish and without leaving your eyebrows lumpy or matted

MAC makeup: prices and product catalog - 36428

You know that concealers are essential when it comes to putting on makeup. This palette brings different colors that allows to correct and camouflage imperfections of our skin while moisturizing it with its mineral-enriched components. Its price is €41.50.


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