Like every year, the Christmas It is always a special occasion in which (women especially) we take the opportunity to dress up and get flirty and fabulous.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular parties around the world and no matter where you are It is characterized by its colors red, green, gold, white. For this reason, in this article we will leave you 9 ideal makeup ideas for you, so you can implement your outfit on New Year’s Eve and look splendid.


If you are looking for a classic makeupSo this idea is perfect. If you are one of those women who do not usually use makeup a lot, but on New Year’s Eve you want to put on a little more makeup, we recommend that you implement this idea.

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As you can see, we will apply a nude or gray shade with a bit of shimmer (if you wish) on the upper part of the eyelid. we will make a outlined on the eyelashes and we will apply mascara.

And finally, on the lips you can opt for a transparent lipgloss or with some light color.


In this case the protagonists will be the lips, you can choose, a red lipstick, purple or any color you want.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - navidad makeup

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In the eyes we will simply make a cat eye and if you want you can add some light shadow on the upper eyelid.


If you are looking for some discreet makeup idea, then this can be a good option.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - 5look1

As you can see, some lips that stand out it is ideal. But here the highlights are some osmoky eyes with lots of highlighter in the tear part.


If you like to make up your eyes, then this idea is ideal for you. In this case, we will apply a red lipstick but that does not stand out too much because the protagonists here will be your eyes.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - holiday makeup

you will make a well marked fade, which covers both the upper and lower eyelids. With the same shadow you will make a tail at the end of your eye, simulating a “cat eye”.

Then, if you wish, you will outline your eyes at the bottom and apply black shadow to the end of your eye, uniting it and thus forming a “cat eye”.

5- Makeup for New Year’s Eve: GOLDEN EYES

If you are looking for a different makeup, what we will do in this case is make a border at the top of the eye And if you want it not to be so marked, you will apply a black shadow, thus blurring the outline.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - Look Navidad

Now, at the bottom of your eye, you will put a golden shadow and you will apply it as if you were outlining your eye.

Remember to use mascara, this will make the gold in the shadow stand out even more!


As you can see, in almost all the makeup models that we have shown you, lips are always the ones that stand out in makeup. Therefore, you can choose both a red lipstick and a natural color lipgloss.

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Firstly, we will apply on the basis of your Upper eyelid to the tear a nude eyeshadow. then in the middle eyelid, integrating it with the other shadow, you will apply a golden shadow.

And finally, with black shadow, at the corner of your eye blurring it and thus forming a “cat eye” with it, which we will then highlight with a liquid or pencil eyeliner.

Remember apply at least two coats of mascara so that your look stands out even more.


New Year’s Eve is a good occasion to highlight your face with gold sparkles. If you want to give your gaze more depth, apply a shadow darker than the golden shadow to your upper eyelid.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - kjaskdjakd

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A different option to celebrate New Year’s Eve is represent in the makeup the colors that identify Christmas in metallic versions.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - gygku


For a fresh, young, with friends and fun New Year’s Eve, you can use more daring colors. In this case, You will replace the black eyeliner for the lower eyelid and the water line with a blue or light blue eyeliner.

Makeup for NEW YEAR'S EVE: 9 ideal ideas for you! - Dibujo


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