Isabel Llano, commonly known as Isasaweis, is a video blogger who shares her knowledge. For this reason, thanks to the section isasaweis makeup, many people can learn how to groom themselves better. Because of the usefulness of this blogger’s advice, it’s helpful to review the brands and products she recommends.

Recognized brands of Isasaweis makeup

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He isasaweis makeup recommended by that blogger belongs to various brands. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the products used by Isabel Llano, it is necessary to analyze different brands. Knowing some of the brands defined as “excellent” by the blogger, it is possible to detail some of their products.

In this way, it is possible to know the opinion that the blogger has had about those creations belonging to a certain brand. In addition to this, it is practical to know the price of these products. So more people can benefit from the isasaweis makeup that promises to satisfy the aesthetic needs of its users.


The Essence brand offers an exciting variety of make-up products with special features. The prices offered by the company to which the brand belongs are quite affordable. Thus, no wonder this brand is recommended by famous blogger Isasaweis on his page.

The blogger even has told his followers where they can buy Essence products. In this way, its followers will be able to benefit from the line of products offered by the brand. One of their most outstanding products is their extra volume mascara. On top of that, Essence’s Color Boost range of glosses has also been well received.

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Color Boost

Essence’s matte finish liquid lipsticks are fantastic. People who have used these lipsticks can highlight their color ratio through a light application. The 10 shades in which these lipsticks are available are beautiful. These Essence creations cost less than $4 apiece, that is, less than 4 euros.

I Love Extreme

Essence mascara It has an innovative large spiral-shaped brush. Thanks to this brush, users of the mascara, or mascara, manage to have curly eyelashes with a lot of volume. The comments of the people who have used this product highlight its contribution of length to the eyelashes.

Isasaweis makeup 3

When talking about the price, this creation It costs less than 4 euros, less than 5 dollars.


The Beter brand is an expert in the field of makeup. Therefore, it is understandable that Look Expert de Beter products were used in a tutorial of isasaweis makeup. The tutorial made by the blogger recommends some specific products from that line for the benefit of her followers.

Compact dust

Beter has both bronzer and matte finish compact powders. People who try this makeup perceive its sealing effect that prevents excessive moisture. He just provided by the product is delicate and lacks shine unsightly The texture of the powder is silky and light, so those who use the product feel really comfortable.

The dust possesses an affordable price around 18 eurosThat is, around 20 dollars. Users of these powders appreciate that they contain extracts of the beneficial white tea. That is because that tea has an influence on the prevention of aging.


The colors of Beter’s blush, or blush, were used by the Isasaweis to enhance and illuminate the cheekbones. People who have used the product with an oscillating price of 14 euros, 15 dollars, They have been fascinated. This happens because the blush offers a fresh, delicate and homogeneous finish.

Isasaweis makeup 4


The Mac Cosmetics brand has also been recommended in the section isasaweis makeup. This Canadian company is famous in various parts of the world thanks to its quality mixed with affordability. By recommending Mac products, Isabel Llano shows that she trusts them for her makeup.

face and body

One of the Mac products that blogger Isasaweis has recommended is her Face and Body foundation. The foundation has a light texture that provides adjustable coverage that appears natural. In addition, it is positive that users of the base can experience its long duration. The price of a base like this is 37 dollars or 33 euros.



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