If you are looking for tricks to maximize your brown eyes with makeup for both day and night, then be sure to read this article.

If you have brown eyes then you are privileged, since this eye color allows us to use any type of shadow and you will see that it will always favor you, but you should know what techniques you should apply to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes.


If you are looking for a design that looks natural but at the same time highlights your brown eyes, then you should consider if you have big or small eyes.

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If you have big eyes and you want to make them smaller then outline the water line of your eyes with black eyeliner, but if you are looking to enlarge them, outline it with a white or beige color.

Another good option if you don’t want to outline yourself and make your makeup look even more natural, then just apply mascara. Always from the root of your eyelashes and applying 2 or 3 layers of the product, this will make your eyelashes look darker and fuller and highlight your look more.


This is an ideal option for a night makeup that looks spectacular on brown eyes.

Brown eye makeup: 5 designs and tips - untitledIn this case, an upper, lower and waterline eyeliner will make your eyes look brighter and the color of your eyes stand out even more.


Another great option is to implement colors similar to those of your eyes in your makeup, such as browns, golds, blacks, and chocolates. This type of shadow is ideal for hazel eyes.

Brown eye makeup: 5 designs and tips - marrones

If you want to give your look a depth effect, then apply a smoky effect with brown colors to your makeup.

A great trick is to apply an illuminator in the tear area to highlight even more the colors of your makeup and your eyes.


Brown eye makeup: 5 designs and tips - 46955e2457d2157b86b5d26d886ed3a3Pastel, beige, pink and pale shades are ideal for brown eyes. These colors usually give greater contrast with the color of your eyes. It will make them look more illuminated and make them stand out looking natural.


Colors like green or blue look fabulous if you add it to your night makeup.

Brown eye makeup: 5 designs and tips - maquillaje para ojos negros 2

You can do it with shadows and also with eyeliners of these colors. These colors make your brown eyes contrast even more and illuminate them even more.


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