Putting together a makeup case is not as complicated as it seems. But it is possible that in the safe attempt it has happened that you feel that products are needed so that you can complete your looks. If you are a professional or simply want to have a good makeup case on hand to steal hearts, We have made a list with all the products that should not be missing here.

small makeup case

Products that should not be missing in your makeup bag

In the market we can find a great quantity of products and every day the market surprises us more and more with the novelties that we will probably want to try. Not all of them are practical and not all of them become an essential tool for our makeup case.

It is very important that if you are specializing in professional makeup, you know everything the market has to offer. But you must decide if these products are essential for your makeup. If they are, take them and add them to your makeup bag. This is clear to us, so for us these are the products that you should not miss in your makeup organizer.

complete makeup bag

Use the familiar primer or primer applicator

It is very important that you have two, one liquid and one compact. You can mix them to achieve a more intermediate makeup. However, it is very important that the shades you have in your makeup bag are as similar as possible to your natural skin tone. Also remember to apply a little towards the neck, so that the color change is not seen.

A light and natural base

If you are one of those who do not like to put on makeup on a daily basis, one of the essentials is the CC Cream. These are known for being a very light and natural foundation that will provide you with a lot of hydration, it will also help you to even out your skin tone and has UV ray protection. It is perfect to make your skin look healthier.

makeup and essentials bag

Don’t forget the concealer

The right one is always essential, even when we carry makeup in a small bag. This is perfect for covering blemishes, but it will help us hide bags and dark circles.

Giving color to your face is essential

The face without its rosy blush is nothing. That is why blush is an element that will brighten up your face and give it a sweet and healthy look. You should opt for powder blushers if your skin is oilier and you should use a liquid or cream blusher if your skin is drier.

eye pigments

In your makeup case you should have a case of shadows in neutral colors or those that you use the most every day. In addition you must have a palette of dark tones so you can make a smoky eye makeup for party nights. Try not to mix too many shades, as it shows a much more natural look.

pink makeup bag

Black pencil or pigments

One of the products that cannot be missing in your makeup case. If you want to change the appearance of your look, it will be enough to make an upper line that is flush with the eyelashes.

Your tabs are very important

Essential, you can’t leave home without it. This is perfect for expanding and intensifying the eyelashes and together with the eyeliner they make a perfect team for day-to-day makeup.

Lipsticks and more lipsticks

This is a must-have for your makeup bag. This will help you have a sensual and juicy mouth. This is an indispensable weapon for the seduction of women.


So that everything stays in place and lasts for the whole day, you must not forget the makeup fixer as the final step in the process.

See how to put together a good makeup case herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESS6zsZ3Vss


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