We girls like to always be beautiful and well-groomed. That’s why we dedicate time and money to ourselves. This is an excellent way to make us feel very good, raise our self-esteem and also show the world how beautiful we are. However, each makeup must be different for the occasion. Today we want to talk to you about smoky eye makeup.

Makeup is one of the most important points for that and should never be missing. Even for daily errands, when we go to an event, a meeting or a wedding. The one with smoky eyes is perfect for events and parties, but it is not entirely suitable for the simplest outings or the makeup for the day.

Smokey eye makeup with gold

We tell you great ideas for smoky eye makeup

If what you are looking for is a perfect smoky eye makeup, we will give you some ideas so that you can achieve it without problems and with simple steps so that you yourself, without anyone’s help, can do this makeup for blondes.

smokey eyes with purple

This makeup technique helps to highlight any look a lot. If it is well applied, it can help both small eyes like big eyes. Both will look perfect.

The step by step of this makeup is very simple. But it will require that you do it exactly as we describe it below so that everything turns out perfectly:

1-. You will have to prepare the surface for make-up. This should be done with a neutral shade a little lighter than your skin tone.

smoky eyes with light shades

2-. Then you will have to draw a line with brown or black shadow under the lashes of the lower eyelid.

3-. Next you will have to apply black eyeliner on the lower water line. In the event that your eyes are small, you should avoid this step with black tones. Pero, you can do it with light brown or with white to enlarge the eyes.

4-. Once the previous step is done, you will have to take the black pencil and outline the line of the upper eyelashes.

5-. Take a brush with some brown eyeshadow and start blending.

classic smoky eye makeup

6-. At this point you will have to apply a little more shadow for the brown eyes or the color that you are using at the moment, in the outer corner of the eye and you should go towards the center of the eyelid, avoid reaching the mobile eyelid.

7-. Then you will have to finish painting the mobile eyelid with a shadow in a golden tone or anything a little lighter and preferably bright. make it dFrom the center to the tear duct of the eye.

8-. Next you should blur the shadows so that the transition is not noticeable and looks perfect.

makeup smokey eyes blue tones

9-. Finish this makeup by adding a little more dark shadow in the corner of the eye.

To enlarge the eye, remember that you must outline the water line with white eyeliner. While to separate them you must give a little light to the tear duct, You can do this with highlighter.

orange smoky eyes

Also a good way for your smoky eye makeup to look different and cause much more impact, is that you can combine shadows of different colors to give your look greater and better effects. It will also adapt to the look you wear.

Keep in mind that you should not limit yourself to black and white shadows. The dark shadows are the ones that will create the smoky effect. But it will be the color tones that will give your makeup much more style and elegance. In addition it may be a less strong makeup if you play with light tones.

You must not forget to place mascara, with precision and delicacy, so that the makeup looks complete.

You can see the video tutorial of this makeup herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE2H7wzJD8I


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