Do you like it nightlife and you intend to distinguish yourself through make-up? if you are a girl fun and he likes to live life, show your happiness to others, you can do it through crazy makeup .

The night parties , especially for young people, they are ideal to show the freshness that you have, and express yourself in all its splendor. Those evening events are the stage for dressing and makeup without limits.

In these 8 crazy makeup for night parties, we give you inspiration for your own creativity, but yes, we make it clear that there is a very fine limit between a fun makeup and fantasy makeup, so you have to be very careful.

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This make-up, fun and inspired by the feline look It has variations and, as its name says, it basically focuses on lthe eyes, elongating them at their vertices and of course going from the black of an eyeliner to the combination of colors and inlays of feathers, stones, pearls.




Lady Gaga In The Press Room At The 2011 Mtv Europe Music Awards At The Odyssey Arena, Belfast. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)


Although we have a notion that the gothic is sad and boring, we can see here options of makeup styleGothicvery funny and with color and brightness. One of the most used makeup for night parties.

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That he make-up be all of a single color or range, it gives the feeling of boring, but no, you can play with strong colors and / or citrus to contrast with dark clothes for example. That way you will deeply highlight your make-up and according to how you do it, it will highlight your aesthetic benefits.

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We had already seen in fantasy makeup that the element embeddings They give a separate plus when distinguishing the face in an event. At night the glitters they are fabulous, so you can place rhinestones on the eyelids and combine it with the shade color that favors you according to the outfit and the situation.

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In summer the color is protagonist and in the make-up even more. Not so loaded with glitter a funny makeup can be a multicolor that you can combine in a color palette that favors you.

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