if we talk about sophisticated, exotic and captivating look, there is no doubt that among women all over the world the look of the arab women and above all the Saudis is the most prominent.


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In this entry we will delve a little into that world of mystery and sensuality in order to frame the 8 ARABIC makeup designs for eyesthat we offer you so that you can copy those looks of mysterious women.

Arab Culture and the beauty of women

At arab women they have been allowed to embellish themselves, in their origins to be able to seduce to the man, since her place in society was limited to the home and her position in the harem that she shared with so many other women and competed for the man’s attention.

Currently, and because the laws of men prohibit it, women cannot show strangers and in public anything of their body except their eyes. Despite this, Arab women dedicate a large part of their time to beautification of their body in beauty salons that is the place where they can get rid of the outfit that covers them entirely.


The Eyes of Arab Women

The look is an essential part of our body when it comes to expressing ourselves, so can you imagine what they mean for the arab women that can only be expressed through them? For this reason and because they need to feel feminine (defying the laws), is that illuminate your look with beautiful makeup.

ARABIC makeup for eyes: 8 great designs! - ojosarabes11

Arabic Eye Makeup

He arab woman inspired eye makeup should always shine through mystery and sensuality.

you can use it for night parties, for a sensual encounter with a man, and of course those who use it the most are the arabic dancers.

The base color of Arabic eye makeup is black.. Combined with browns, purples, blues, dark greens and other colors that, blended and blended with black, form a palette that convey mystery.

ARABIC makeup for eyes: 8 great designs! - ojosarabes22

To glow up and counter that darkness of dark shadows always abound gold and bronze and the lighting under the eyebrow.

Yes indeed, the key of Arab women for those amazing eyes, is the black eyeliner. The eyeliner is essential to highlight the shapes and frame the rest of the makeup, which is abundant in range and texture.

He kohol , famous in the arabic eye makeup you can replace it with the liquid eyeliner, inevitable in the makeup set if you want to achieve the desired effect.

Tips for Arabic makeup Perfect for the eyes

If you want to achieve some perfect saudi eyesyou should have on hand more than two shadows of different colors.

Achieve uniform eyelids with a makeup base It is essential, since you will place many colors and textures on your eyes, and you must correct imperfections.

The eyeliner is infallible and the black and gold too.

A lot mascara and well filled and outlined eyebrows.

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I leave you now 8 eye makeup inspired by the Arab woman.


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