Magical Night, late with friends or perhaps a sophisticated job, they sue you be elegant and sensual. For this you will have chosen a Red dress, exciting, sexy and elegant. You will be the center of attention, because that is what you will achieve with a Red dress. But there is a detail… you must bring the proper makeupotherwise you can ruin it.

wearing a Red dress

If you choose a dress for a special event , you want to stand out and you are bold, choose a Red dress. The red color suits any skin tone and any hair color.

To complete the outfits, you will have to choose very well the accessories and makeup taking into account the occasion and the cut of the dress of course.

makeup for red dress

Make-up for Red dress to look very good

He makeup is essential so that your face harmoniously accompanies the dress you wear. Because a mistake can be fatal, it can ruin what you intended to be perfect.

When putting on makeup you should always try to keep your style, mark your most favorable traits and correct those that are not. But in this case, it will be necessary to adapt to the color and style of the neckline that your Red dress.

makeup one

In this case, we can see Thalia, the Mexican singer, with makeup for red long-sleeved dress with a fairly closed neckline, although with abundant brightness near the face. In this case a Calm makeup based on earth-colored shadows and nude lipstick, give balance and naturalness. It was probably an evening event, so she didn’t need to look so overloaded with makeup and she made that choice.

5 makeup to wear with a red dress! - vestidorojothalia

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makeup two

On this occasion we can also see a calm makeup, basically based on highlight the eyes and pass unnoticed the mouth. Lined and shaded eyes, nude lips allow the neckline and dress to stand out.


makeup three

For one young woman and a Red dress very sexy, eyes stand out with black eyeliner makeup and black shadow on the mobile eyelid, completing with nude shadows and highlighters. nude lips they are the trend

makeup for red dress

makeup four

The brown skin of Rihanna stands out in this case with a Red lipstick accompanying the tonality of the dress. in the eyes only thick eyeliner on upper eyelid and mascara.

makeup to wear with red dress

makeup five

for a red dress on work occasion in which you need to be elegant, you can opt for a dress without too many extravagances and highlight the look with the make-up. In this example, we can see red lips and eyes very outlined with earth-colored shadows, because it is a day event.


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makeup six

A great red party dress for a magical night, it will be excellent accompanied by some eyes in smoke red dress makeup, smoked to highlight them, and nude lips and they could even be some deep red lips.

makeup for red dress


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