Today in this section, we will be dealing with those annoying and unsightly blackheads that appear on our skin, especially on the face. In addition to telling you what blackheads are and how to prevent them, we are going to give you 6 tricks to remove them .

6 Tricks to remove BLACK POINTS from the skin - puntonegroportada

What are the black spots ?

The blackheads on the skin, are also called open comedones or pimples.

Each pore of our skin is made up of a hair and a sebaceous gland that precisely helps to eliminate dead cells and keep the pore clean.

When the skin produces a lot greasy and those pores become clogged and accumulate in addition to sebum, Dirt and particles from the environment that accumulate inside Two things can happen: that the pore closes and those impurities remain inside and become inflamed (white comedones) or that the pore remains open and impurities on its surface from oxidizing with light and exposure to the environment and turn into black dots. In addition to oxidizing and changing color, air and light harden the texture of the skin, which is why they sometimes itch or even hurt.

Can they be prevented? black spots?

If you have blackheads, they appear from time to time or you want to prevent them, you can do it.

The black spots As we said, they are the product of excess fat in the pores added to impurities from the environment. The Causes of that sebaceous excess They can be hormonal changes (adolescence, menopause, pregnancy) or excess foods with oils and fats such as fried foods or chocolates, among other things. With a healthy diet and some tricks that I will give you later, you can prevent them.


How to remove the blackheads on the skin?

If you have not been able to avoid the appearance of blackheads on your face or back, which are the places where they usually appear, we will give you 6 tricks to eliminate them.

Trick 1-

Clean your face twice a day, to remove excess fat. Do not exaggerate with cleaning because it can be counterproductive


Trick 2-

To clean open the pores with a warm damp cloth, put it on the affected part for 5 minutes and then clean with neutral soaps and with a sponge or soft brush. Rinse very well and close your pores with cold water. Then you can apply an astringent lotion.

6 Tricks to remove BLACK POINTS from the skin - puntonegroastringente

Trick 3-

Never squeeze or touch them with your fingers directly, do it with a gauze, cotton or soft and clean cloth, because can catch fire and it could be even worse, since you hurt the skin and the bacteria could go inside the follicle and cause a major infection.


Trick 4-

Comb your hair, removing the hair that you have on the face or the skin of the back, since the greasy hair, worsens the state of blackheads.

Trick 5-

Always remove excess makeup at night.

Trick 6-

Avoid very oily cosmetics.

remove black dots

Recommendation: if you notice that the blackheads persist and become inflamed , consult a specialist in dermatology.

blackpoint diet

And of course, make a healthy and balanced diet, that will help you have fantastic skin and shiny hair.


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