For Halloween the options are always varied. It depends on how much you want to risk and scare others.

If you are one of those who likes to terrify others with creepy designs and you are also skilled in makeup, you will be able to enjoy with your friends or family The best spooky designs for Halloween in this post.


Blood is always the key to a good horror makeup. You must ensure the necessary elements and the correct makeup. Especially the dye with which you will simulate the blood that is of a color very similar to the real one.


Horror or suspense movie characters, they are ideal to represent them in a makeup on Halloween and complete that spooky costume for that special occasion.

fredy krueger

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Is there a scarier character than Freddy Krueger? Beyond the physical aspect caused by the burns, he is an evil being that in all his character is very scary!


Bad, very bad, evil and dark is the Hannibal Lecter character in the Silence of the Lambs. makeup is simple and the elements to do it with few and cheap. Despite his simplicity, the character is chilling, I hope you succeed, you will have a lot to put into this case.

hannibal lecter woman makeup hannibal lecter makeup


In THE SCREAM, based on the Japanese blockbuster Ju-On: the grudge, he pale character, from beyond the grave, long and disheveled black hair, They make up a chain of terror, that if you manage to convey the spirit of this character in makeup, you will be the most chilling Halloween costume.


The dolls and dolls have always been used as diabolical characters and some movies. I show you the best creepy designsand get the most fabulous Halloween makeup. makeup painted doll button eye

makeup painted doll button eye happy doll makeup doll makeup for women
old doll makeup doll makeup for halloween

devilish clown makeup

devilish clown makeup devilish clown makeup evil clown makeup very bad clown makeupclowns , have also beenhorror movie characters and they have become great reasons for Halloween makeup. Clown makeup is a classic and one of the simplest and cheapest designs to dress up on Halloween.


The quintessential characters for Halloween makeup are the

zombie , thereBlood abounds, rotten flesh, exposed bones, hanging skin and all the most horrifying things you can think of. Click on

“Zombie Makeup: 10 Spectacular Ideas” and see the elements and steps to make cheap and spooky makeup. dead zombie makeup

dead zombie makeup student zombie makeup child zombie makeup dry zombie makeup good zombie makeup zombie makeup for halloween very realistic

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