Hello Girls! We are launching a new page and I want to welcome you by telling you that this will be the Better option so that they can choose everything in relation to how to make up. We will not only show you what is fashionable, but also Tips that you always need to correct defects, improve the skin, and balance your face with just applying makeup correctly.

In this first presentation we are going to focus on the Eyes and we will show you 7 blue makeup for great eyes to wear at all times.

The Eyes and their parts in relation to makeup

To make up our eyes well we must recognize its parts well, in order to be able to continue tutorials and achieve the best results.

We have designed the following graph so that you can have it on hand when putting on your makeup and recognize the physiognomy of your eye.

get your best look

Do you know that the look is a determining factor when communicating?

Beyond see you beautiful and presentable with a excellent makeup, your look is a non-verbal communication element that is used unconsciously all the time. For this reason it is always present in all interpersonal relationship that we keep So to make those eyes beautiful so that they clearly communicate who you are!

The elements when making up

It core items that you should always have when putting on eye makeup are: A pre-base for eyes, concealer for dark circles, shadows, eyeliner, mascara for eyelashes, and shadow for eyebrows.

Each and every one of these elements must be placed by their corresponding brushes and brushes. We’ll talk about them another time.

Blue makeup for eyes: 7 options

The color blue as eye makeup It is definitely the best fit for women of Brown eyes. But we will see some option with blue eyes, since depending on the form of makeup and the intensity of the colors it can also look very good.

He blue It is one of the primary colors, considered cold and that extends in a wide color range, since the light blue to very dark blues almost black.

Option 1 – Deep Gaze Night

You can see in this option blue makeup for brown eyes and look mysterious, a make-up that gives depth to the crease with black shadow and deepening the fixed eyelid in gradient, illuminating the arch of the eyebrow with nude color. It stands out the iridescent blue on the mobile eyelid extended to the tear duct to provide greater illumination. The lower eyelid has the water line outlined with a black pencil and the lower lash line with a black shadow. Of course everything ends with a black mascara

BLUE makeup for eyes

OPTION 2: Young Eyes with blue flashes

In this option we can see a cool makeup that can be used for an afternoon / night where you have to look transparent and sophisticated at once.

To achieve this look first unify the eye with a primer, then the secret is in delineate the water line very well and the edges of the eyelid with black, to which then in the mobile eyelid and in gradient from greater to lesser (towards the center of the eyelid) you will go shading with Turquoise, also covering the lacrimal and very gently the lower line ofeyelashes. Finish with mascara and comb and fill in your brows well.

OPTION 3.blue makeup for your blue eyes

blue eyes

As we said, in blue eyes it can also be good blue makeup. This effect will make widen little eyes, but for that blue color should be placed on the water line and lower edge of the eyelid. On the upper lash line you will apply black eyeliner and on the mobile eyelid you will do a combination of nude shadows, light blue and finish with black at the end, of course illuminate the eyebrow arch and fill them. Don’t forget the mascara, but in this case, much more loaded in upper tabs.

OPTION 4. Fun BLUE makeup for the eyes

Another option in blue eyes is this one that Katie Perry she uses often, which is only mascara on the lower eyelid, and on the upper eyelid a heavy mascara on the eyelashes and thick eyeliner, with shadow and pencil, in turquoise blue. Completing with a nude range for the rest of the eyelid.


OPTION 5.soft blue for eyes of brunettes

If you have brown or brunette skin the blue color in the eyes is ideal to highlight your brown eyes.

Soft outlines in black and a range of blues lower tab line and moving eyelids will make look perfect all day.

OPTION 6. Elegant Sport inBLUE MAKEUP

you can achieve a blue makeup for an elegant and illuminated look, If you place eyeliner on the water line of the lower eyelid and on the outer corner of the eyes, black shadow and light mascara.

OPTION 7.Makeup in Blue France

A sophisticated makeup where you need illuminate the look it will be achieved if you place France blue eyeliner on the waterline of the lower eyelid and make up the lower eyelashes with a blue mascara also. The contrast of eyeliner and black mascara on the upper eyelid will make that makeup stand out.

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