When Halloween arrives and we are young and without children, all that worries us is that they invite us to a party so that we can put on makeup and dress up as we like best, but when we are mothers we begin with the dilemmas of HALLOWEEN makeup for children, well every year, either at school or at a party, we must be artists and become professional makeup artists.

HALLOWEEN makeup children witch

So that you don’t go crazy, we have made a list with the tools and materials you need to make the best child makeup, but we have also created a gallery with the 15 More Creepy Designs For Your Little OneThis is how the king or queen of the party will be and you will feel like an expert.

HALLOWEEN makeup kids pumpkin

Materials you need to create any HALLOWEEN children’s makeup

HALLOWEEN kids skeleton makeup

1-. The first material you need is a good watercolor makeup palette, these are the best for delicate skin, they do not crack and there is also a lot left more comfortable for your little one.

HALLOWEEN children's makeup Frankenstein

2-. You should have several sponges, these should not be too hard or too soft, they should not have holes. If you have a large sponge, try to cut it into small pieces with scissors so that you can use one with each color and make it much more comfortable for you to manipulate it.

HALLOWEEN cat kids makeup

3-. It is essential to have brushes of different thicknesses, we recommend that you make fine lines such as mustaches with a finer brush, you can buy this by asking for it in specialized stores such as number 0. And other brushes like 2, 4, 7 and 8. The best thing is that they are round and that the hair has a fine point, but it will also be very useful to have a flat brush.

HALLOWEEN kids mummy makeup

Once you have already bought all the materials that we have mentioned before, come the materials that we commonly have at home and that They are super important to have when doing HALLOWEEN makeup for children.

1-. A small glass with clean water to clean the brushes.

HALLOWEEN monster kids makeup

2-. A small pot with a spray nozzle and filtered water so that we can wet the watercolor paintings without excess.

HALLOWEEN children's makeup with contact lenses

3-. Wet wipes where you can drain the brush before dipping it into the paint. In addition they will be very useful to eliminate any errors that can have our makeup.

HALLOWEEN makeup dead children

4-. Glitter to give shine to the makeup finish.

5-. A mirror, because your little one will want to see your work of art.

Some tips and advice to keep in mind for children’s HALLOWEEN makeup

HALLOWEEN make-up for gloomy children

1-. One of the most important tips that we will give you in this post is to always start with light tones, this is because if you paint a light color on top of a dark one that you painted before, the desired tone will not stay, it will mix and it will be much darker. It is better to leave an area unpainted if it is going to be a certain color.

HALLOWEEN makeup for vampire children

2-. If you have painted too much in a dark tone, it will not be necessary to erase all the makeup, with a wet wipe you can clean the area and with the help of our finger wrapped in it you can refine the edges.

HALLOWEEN Vampire kids makeup

3-. Very important: Use a brush for each color, do not always use the same one, because they will never be perfectly clean just soaking them in the glass. If you don’t have too many brushes use 3 one for the very dark colors one for white and one for bright colors. In this way you will be making sure that your makeup will be perfect.

HALLOWEEN makeup for children videogames

4-. Cleaning, one of the points that when we are mothers becomes almost our middle name. Sponges and brushes should be washed very well at the end of the makeup for children’s carnival, this should be done with normal or cold water and a little soap until all the paint comes out, you should not squeeze them or pull their hair, take a clean towel and squeeze the bristles and let them air dry well.

HALLOWEEN zombie kids makeup

These are the tips, advice and materials to make any HALLOWEEN makeup for children, however it is very important that you do not forget to have a lot, but a lot of patience, because your little one will move and the design may not fit you the first time, That is why it is very important that you take the time to do it calmly and patiently.

HALLOWEEN makeup children catrina

Watch a tutorial of a children’s makeup model here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbii0sizrUE


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