if you have one party, carnival Or any show from school or an extracurricular activity of your daughter and you don’t know what design choose for your make-up, then continue reading this article and you will see the 8 fantasy makeup for girls further funny and easy to make.

He fantasy make up It has its origins in antiquity, in different cultural populations, using it both for special occasions and also to identify and differentiate themselves from other populations.

antique artistic makeup

Today the artistic makeup has evolved, and as you currently know it is used to special parties, carnivals Or any musical show. This type of makeup, unlike the conventional makeup, does not aim to perfect the features of the face of the person, but makeup is used to change the look, to generate a visual effect that allows the face to transform in what you want.


fantasy squirrel makeup

if you are looking designsfrom some animal, then this is a good option! As you will see, it is not a complex design and therefore, you can do it yourself without the need to go anywhere makeup professional.


There come those times of the year when the children have shows in it school or in some extracurricular activity, where they perform parties for these dates. Therefore, in this article we will give you as an option a face makeup with pumpkin shape.

pumpkin fantasy makeup

He make-up is simple to do, you can do it at home, with very few elements, just a black and orange makeup. Then you can add any kind of accessory, as in the case of the photo that little girl have a hat.


yes to you little girl he likes the animals, then this is a beautiful idea for a fantasy makeup.

rabbit fantasy makeup

As we told you at the beginning of the article, we will give you simple options, so you can do it yourself No you must spend a lot of money to be able to do one of these designs.

As you will see in the photo, you only need make-up white, pink, red, black and orange, in case you want to make up the carrot on your finger. Also, if you want, you can buy a cotillion headband with bunny ears and that will give you a plus, besides that you little girl will feel more comfortable by allowing him to push her hair out of her face.


kitty fantasy makeup

if you are looking cartoon character designs, you can not stop taking this option into account! how do you know everyone girls they like Hello Kitty, and in addition to you it will be super easy be able to make up this design.


If you are looking for a slightly more complete option, then you will see that in this image you can implement the costume of Lion and also the fantasy makeup so that the expensive from your little girl looks like a real youon!

lion fantasy makeup

how can you see the make-up is easy to do and you can add ears and make him a smoothie in hair to make it look like mane of a lion.


If you dare something a little more complex, We leave you this option that is beautiful! It’s a traditional design and that to all girls they like.

FANTASY makeup for girls!

If you are looking for other designs, then click on “9 fantasy makeup for teenagers”

If you do not dare to do it yourself, then contact someone professional artistic makeup so i can help you with it design.


This is one of the designs further simple What can you choose to do to your little girl. It is an option fun And surely your girl will love it.

ladybug fantasy makeup

Remember that for thefantasy makeupYou must let your imagination fly, and it is not necessary that you do it the same as in the photo, you can do it the way you want.


doll fantasy makeup

A design super simple and original is to make a fantasy doll makeup As you can see it is not a design difficult to perform and also allows you to combine it with some dress either hairstyles let them make you little girl looks like a royal doll.

Always remember to use products that are specially designed for fantasy makeup so that they do not damage your girl’s skin and so that they last longer and also that they do not run or stain clothes.


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