The time of carnival parties in your city or at school and you are looking for different designs for he make-up from your child!? Then keep reading this article and we will show you 10 makeup for Carnival.

makeup for children's carnival

How do you know the Carnival is a party which consists above all in the diversity ofcolors. For this reason, in general, designs makeup for carnival They have a lot colors and they are abstract, which allows each person to let their imagination fly and make the design what else do you want

Generally, the children they usually choose to put on makeup,cartoon characters, animals and the girls more than anything abstract designs either butterflies, That is why here, we will leave you several options so that you can choose the one that you like the most.


This design it’s super simple to do at home and also highlights the eyes of your girls.

kids carnival makeup


kids carnival makeup

If you want to make a design further abstract, then we leave you this image so that you have as an example a colorful carnival makeup. As we said, the main thing about this type of makeup is that you can do it however you want with the colors that you like the most


kids carnival makeup

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This option is a very original and it looks very pretty. If you want to do something different, then we suggest you make up the eyes from your little girl and that from there you begin to carry out this design all over her forehead, pretending to be a real diadem.


kids carnival makeup

if you have a child, a good option is to make up some kind of animal, as in this case that we choose a kitten.

It’s a design super simple to do and that does not imply that you have to spend a lot of money to buy the products to do it.


kids carnival makeup

This is a beautiful and colorful design so that you make up your little girl. As you can see it has a hippie chic style, that will give freshness and originality to the make-up.


kids carnival makeup

As we already told you, the children, generally choose animals either cartoon characters to make up, that’s why we propose this option that is easy to do and that at your child he would love it


kids carnival makeup

This is the classic carnival design. A butterfly that covers the whole face of your little girl, and remember that you can combine different colorsor add different shapes to the design.


If you are looking for a design makeup for carnival, then you cannot stop taking this option into account, which is a classic for these parties.

kids carnival makeup

This image can help you design different types of mask, since, remember, that for these makeups, you can do whatever you like.


A classic chosen by children is he ninja turtles character

kids carnival makeup

As you can see, it’s a make-up easy to do and that does not require many colors and materials to do it.

Always remember to use products special for him artistic makeup, so that it does not irritate thefur from your child and so that it does not stain your clothes and lasts longer.


kids carnival makeup

A good choice for you child, if you don’t want to make a make-up from some character, is that you choose some design like this one, which allows you to do it as you want, or you can also do it just like the image.


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