About makeups we can talk a lot about it. About famous also. But we wanted to show you that not because a woman is famous, she is necessarily well made up.

He best makeup It is the one that makes you look natural and not “painted”. You must highlight your favorable traits and hide those little defects that bother you.HORRIBLE celebrity makeup: Do not miss them! - maquillajes horribles de famosas 8 e1471016219166

He make-up must also be appropriate to the occasion, time of day, event or social activity, but definitely any woman, no matter how famous she is, will look horrible!
The “famous” and the celebrities they usually have personal assistants and/or image consultants who tell them how, when and where they should be made up and/or dressed in what or such way. But not all are assisted 24 hours a day. of the day, because they don’t want to or simply because they can’t, and they think they can go out on the streets with their own makeup. Some would have ability to do self-makeup others not so much, but Look! these horrible Celebrity Makeup!

The Misguided Panda Effect

Although those Panda bears They are cute and you would like to have them in your house as a pet, don’t blend in with them! Do not do like these celebrities that I am going to show you below and that have made abuse of Smoke eyes or they have put it without any criteria.

horrible celebrity makeup

horrible celebrity makeup

horrible celebrity makeup

Barn Owl Effect

horrible celebrity makeup

Have you ever seen a snowy owl? These curious little animals that travel the skies at night and that for a matter of survival and blending in with their environment look very white or their faces are whiter than the rest of the body? Are the barn owls that their natural beauty makes them unique…but it seems that Some celebrities want to look like them and they were horrible!

horrible celebrity makeup

Effect Turkey Real

He peacock, wonderful bird, to which nature has given an infinite number of colors to seduce, apparently It has been the inspiration of some celebrities who have used the entire color palette. from her makeup box to “paint” his face, and of course …they did not seduce anyone.
Some examples of Poorly made-up VIPs that you should not imitate.

horrible celebrity makeup

Look at the most successful makeup in “Party makeup: 6 glamorous designs”

many times to see you extravagant, sophisticated or simply a rebel, Or perhaps due to distraction or for not taking into account the area where you are going to present yourself, you full of colors without any kind of harmony or criteria, excessive lighting or shadows.

HORRIBLE celebrity makeup
Not always having the best makeup set or the best makeup artist or assistant on hand will give you the best results. You have to know yourself, know your features and look natural.


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