Nowadays, putting on makeup is something that we women do every day and it is completely common. However, like all the customs we know today, this is a custom that has been acquired over time. For several reasons. That is why today we want to talk to you a little about the history of makeup. One of the great allies of people’s beauty.

You should keep in mind that this is a summary of the history of makeup, if you want to know in detail what exactly happened, it is very important that you take the time to look in the books and in specialized encyclopedias to learn more about all the details of this invention.

different types of makeup

History of makeup, the birth of a tradition

The first to use makeup in history were the Egyptians, since many of their tombs have cosmetic products. Cleopatra has been depicted throughout the world by using illustrations red lipstick made from the carmine of beetles.

However, one of the most notable things in Egyptian makeup was khol. This is a mix of metals, such as lead, copper, ash, and burnt almonds so they could outline her eyes. What we now know as ecological makeup. But this was not an entirely aesthetic outline, as it can be today. But it was designed so that the evil eye could be cured and according to their beliefs it helped to drive away evil spirits. In addition to protecting the view from inclement weather and desert, such as sun and sand.

On the other hand, the Greeks and Romans painted their faces with powders that were made from minerals and ground stones.

egyptian makeup

Then, with the passage of time, makeup stopped being used so frequently and since the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century it went out of use almost completely. Only prostitutes and lower class women dared to wear color on their faces. While upper class women boasted of their paleness.

From the 20th century it was when makeup began to be made as a more common currency among the streets. By the late 1800s, portrait photography became common, and the use of makeup was somewhat more common for this time. Mirrors became more accessible and more and more people were buying one for their homes.

These were two of the most important points, but the key to the more common use of makeup was the movies.

In them, the theater actors had to use heavier makeup that allowed them to be visible until the last final. But this was not entirely appropriate for the cinema. Hence In 1914, the Max Factor company developed the first non-cracking makeup base.

In addition, this brand was in charge of creating the lipsticks, the eyebrow pencils and they were also the ones that popularized the term makeup. By the year 1920 they brought the products to the market due to the demand from the number of women who wanted to look like their favorite actresses.

History of classic makeup

And the rest is history, without a doubt, the history of makeup is essential to know, especially for experts in the area or those people who feel passionate about this art. As you can see, not everything is beautiful for the makeup theme and you can find a lot more history if you want to dig deeper with this topicIn addition to being a clear example of the cultural evolution of people, especially women on this subject, although more and more boys are daring to wear a little makeup for the day to highlight its attributes or cover some imperfection.

You can see more of the history of makeup here:


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