if they recommended you mineral makeup to deflate some skin conditions and you are not sure if it will be effective, we will tell you the 6 reasons to avoid it.

What is Mineral makeup?

mineral makeup

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He mineral makeup It’s like almost all makeup, which is made from minerals, except that it is removed or no synthetic substances or perfumes are added, not derived from the natural environment.

What is Mineral Makeup made of?

composition of mineral makeupHemineral makeupIt has among its mineral components such as iron oxide, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which have anti-inflammatory effects that help to eliminate the effects of rosacea and acne skin. They also have mica plates and natural oils that collaborate in the non-appearance of black spots.

The 6 reasons to avoid mineral makeup

If you have many expression lines or wrinkles

woman with expression lines

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If your face is marked by expression lines or some wrinkles have already appeared, avoid he mineral makeup, since, beyond the fact that it is light for the skin to breathe, it does not contain talcs that make the texture very fine and if you do not disperse it very well on the skin or you apply a lot of it, accumulates in wrinkles and/or expression lines.

If you have Enlarged Pores

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For the same reason that marks expression lines, mineral make-up noticeably marks and highlights enlarged pores, since it does not cover them (like other makeups).

if you have dry skin

woman with dry skin

As the mining makeuphe It is composed exclusively of minerals and it is avoided to introduce any type of synthetic moisturizing element to achieve this effect, it is difficult to slide on the skin, in addition to drying the skin of the face even more.

Little variety of colors

mineral makeup colorsSince only pure minerals are used, the color gamut is not wide, and there are some skin colors or complexions that can’t find their right color.

short duration

short-lasting makeup

being organic products They do not have added preservatives, so their useful life is short and if you extend or use them after a long time of manufacture, they can cause skin problems due to some type of contamination.

Bad cost-benefit ratio

expensive products

Although we are talking about natural products, which are going to be kind to your skin, really and according to the opinions of many women who have used it, They are very expensive products for the few benefits they provide.

As we always tell you, if you have any skin problem that worries you, go to the dermatologist to clear all doubts about it, because remember that the skin is the skin organ that protects us daily from external factors.


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