Do you want to be a modern geisha? If you dare to try this exotic makeup, you will see that you can recreate and even adapt an outfit accompanying it with this style of makeup.
we will show you 10 beautiful designs in which you could highlight your sensuality and mystery.
As we usually do, we will mix these designs through stories, information and tips that we will give you in this post.

The makeup of traditional geishas

traditional geisha

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He geisha makeup In addition to the traditional kimono, it is the most striking and impressive element, in addition to hairstyles.
although between more experienced geishas and the younger ones there are differences in makeup we will tell you the generality of this traditional japanese makeup so you can apply it to modernity.

White Base

white base

The traditional geisha was based on the white paste makeup (Originally made from rice paste, today it is a specific cosmetic). This paste is applied over the entire face, up to the hairlines, neck and nape. On that white base, white powder is applied so that the makeup does not shine with the passing of the hours.
For the youngest the powder can vary towards pale pink.

the eyes of the geisha

eyebrows makeup geisha

Another fundamental characteristic of geisha makeup is he eyebrow and eyelid shaping. The eyebrows may be very deep black or passion red.
Lips always passion red color, without outlining and below the natural lip line, to make them appear more little ones.

Modern Geisha

modern geisha

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You should start with a white or very light base that assimilates or lowers your skin tone enough and gives it a deep paleness. Apply it all over the face, including the lips.

The eyes

modern geisha eyes

the eyes you must outline them in black, lengthening the eyeliner on the upper eyelid to give torn effect, and also inside the eye and seeking continuity to fill the tear duct. Once outlined apply red shadow on the contours of the eyeliner.
Outlining the eyebrows with the same technique as the eyelids, black eyeliner plus red shadow.

The mouth in geisha makeup


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the mouth, which must simulate smallness you shall outline it in the shape of a heart and fill it generously with red color.

Geisha cheeks

geisha cheeks

In the geisha makeup for the cheeks give a touch of color with the same red pigment used as eye shadow.

modern geisha colors

TIP: If you want a softer, geisha-inspired look, you can lower that intensity in the eyeliner and instead of passion red you can place a raspberry lipstick.

geisha makeup

modern geisha

modern geisha makeupmodern geisha colors

modern geisha makeup


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