Approximately every decade makeup changes, adapting to new fashions, styles, aesthetics and the situations that women experience. This allows us to study the ideals of beauty in each decade that are so characteristic of each era. That is why today we want to talk to you about the makeup of the 20s.

makeup of the 20 actresses

We tell you a little about the makeup of this decade

This decade was a time of very strong changes for women, it is in the season that they begin to free themselves and stop using uncomfortable corsets, stop being always at home and start working in the industry, this makeup is different from Cleopatra makeup.

During the 20’s, the feminine aesthetic adopts a completely different style from what had been carried up to that moment. During this time, short haircuts for women became fashionable, this is the first time in history that women had short hair, the silhouette of the body is a little more casual and very comfortable, they go from wearing corsets tight for a straighter cut with a low waist.

dark 20s makeup

One of the ideals of beauty for this time is that the woman had dark and round eyes, commonly these were degraded with purple tones, this gave women a melancholic look and a little fallen. The woman’s skin was very pale, but they put on a little makeup and in some cases the cheekbones with reddish tones. They applied the blush in a rounded way and without extending it much.

The lips were very characteristic, these were they painted a little smaller than their natural form, they were somewhat rounded in the center and the corners turned inward. Another way to make up the lips was in the shape of a heart and the so-called pinón mouth. Lip colors always fell somewhere between shades of red and maroon.

How to achieve 20s makeup

1920s makeup

1-. The first thing you should do is apply a smoothing primer. Start by placing a little of the product on your hand as if it were a cream, then you should spread it with very soft and circular movements, until the product completely enters your skin.

2-. Then you must use a illuminating concealer. Cover your dark circles and blemishes well, make sure you are blending the concealer very well.

3-. The next thing you should do is apply the makeup base well. To do this, you must apply a quantity of the product that you are going to use on your hand and then you must take the product with a cat’s tongue brush and you should apply it from the center to the outside of the face with quick movements.

4-. Once you have your face perfectly unified, flawless and perfect, you should go to make up your eyes. With a black eyeliner pencil you should follow the natural shape of your eye and then you will have to take a brush and blend the pencil upwards, always in a circular way making a smoky effect, you should mark the upper and lower part of the eyelashes.

20s fashion makeup

5-. Then you must take the shadows in black and gray tones, you must take into account that you have to use the matte black tone, you must apply it to the entire mobile eyelid so that the product is fixed correctly and then you can blend it a bit. Then take the black pencil and mark the lower and upper water line of the eye. for which the hypoallergenic makeup It lasts much longer. Apply the powder shadow with small touches. Don’t forget to apply some mascara.

6-. Cheeks, They must go naked without any color, to highlight the pallor a little and the lips should be very marked red.

And ready that simple are the makeup of the 20s, perfect for a period event or a costume.

You can see a tutorial for 20s makeup here:


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